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Fishing For A Good Time (Osaka & Kyoto Part Two)

On Day Two in Osaka we decided to check out the aquarium. On the way to the metro we stopped off for lunch. We found a cute little shop on a street that looked like Hondori Street. We walked in and we were instantly confused. People were lining up at a machine, punching something in and then going to sit at the bar. We stood at the machine when it was our turn until someone showed us what to do. You put your order into the machine and then it prints out a ticket. You take the ticket to the counter to be served. The food was good and the experience was interesting.


We took the metro near the aquarium. The machines were a bit different than what we used the day before. As Jeremy was trying to figure out the machine, a worker poked his head out of the wall to help him buy tickets.

We didn’t take the metro all the way to the aquarium because there was a statue I really wanted to see in the bay near it. The statue was a good 30 minute hike from the metro but I was so excited to see it that I didn’t mind. I was excited to see a taiyaki cafe but they were closed at the time we went by. The statue is copy of The Little Mermaid statue that is in Copenhagen. It based on Hans Christian Anderson’s The Little Mermaid. I know it seems that every girl loves anything that deals with mermaids but for me, its not just because I love Ariel. Growing up, my mom read me the Hans Christian Anderson version and I watched the old 1975’s version of The Little Mermaid with Marina. Being able to see this statue (even if it is just a copy) meant a lot to me.


After we visited the statue, we continued to the aquarium. The aquarium was huge! It was the biggest one I have ever seen. I loved the whale shark, penguins, dolphins, and jelly fish. It took all day to see everything but it was more than worth it. There is something incredibly peaceful about aquariums even when they are full of people and screaming children.

After the aquarium we walked over to a mall nearby to try and find something for dinner. At first we were really excited to see a Turkish restaurant because it had been so long since we had Turkish food. Sadly they weren’t open yet. We walked around instead and found a small ramen shop where we had ramen and fried rice. After dinner I found a place to get taiyaki. Then Jeremy and I grabbed some ice cream before we started walking back to the metro with Mom.

On the way back to the metro we found a little coffee shop. We popped in for a quick drink.  Mom got a coffee drink, Jeremy got a frozen hot chocolate (it was basically a milkshake), and I got a hot lemonade. It was all really delicious.

A little bit after we left the coffee shop we passed a woman my age sitting on a bench by the street crying. I used my google translate to ask if she was okay. She nodded. I asked if she wanted a hug. She let me give her a hug. I don’t know why she was crying but I couldn’t just walk past without showing her some kindness. Japan has been so kind to me and my family. It has taught me to make a better effort to show kindness to strangers. You don’t know when they will need it the most.

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