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Flower Power On A Melting Day

So the blizzard of ’15 has already melted. We maybe getting an ice storm tonight or just a lot of rain. Not sure. Every weather report contradicts the next. I know this is North Carolina but sheesh.

Jeremy’s appointment today was an interesting one but did bring up some worries. They do believe he has a TBI but they have a team of doctors willing to help him learn how to manage it. They have modern and alternative medicine options. The down side that we learn today is that it can take up to 16 weeks to complete the study (quickest it can be done is 8 weeks) and he can’t continue getting his clearances until this is done. If this takes too long, he may not be able to go to Japan. I really hope that Jeremy gets the healing he needs and gets to go to his dream station.

When we came home, I had some wedding packages waiting for me. Our flower girls’ stuff arrived. Jeremy’s niece, Alexis, and Michael’s daughter, Harley, will be our two flower girls. Their dress, crowns, and baskets came in. They are going to look adorable.



This evening Jeremy and I picked up his belated Valentine’s Day present. Its a Dragonball video game that I had order beginning of February that was just released yesterday. Yes, my fiancĂ© is a nerd.

Seth came over shortly after we came back home to ask us two things.
1) he wants to move in and maybe have Adrian move in too
2) he wants to get a dog.
Normally I don’t mind having roommates but Seth acts like a kid hopped up on sugar all the time, can be rude, is a slob, and likes to provoke my cats and spirits. As for the dog he wants to get a beagle puppy and keep it outside. Jeremy told me to make the call since I’ll be the one home with it all the time. I told him my ground rules were to have a kennel for inside the house (because I don’t believe in leaving pets outside 24/7); a decent dog house for outside; enough food, treats and toys to last a month; blankets; and collar and leash by next week. He can bring the dog over next Saturday and spend the weekend with the dog the entire weekend to make sure it doesn’t escape the backyard and doesn’t have accidents in the house. After that I will help out during the week but the dog is his responsibility on the weekends. As for him moving in, he says that is only if Adrian is pregnant and they have to get married. Lord help them if she is. They annoyed each other too much when she was here for two weeks.

Tomorrow morning Jeremy and I are braving the ice and rain to go to Myrtle Beach. We are applying for our marriage license. Wish us luck!

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