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Fukubukuro Hunting (18+)

A tradition I found out about around New Year’s is called Fukubukuro or Lucky Bag. It is a way for the stores to get rid of last year’s merchandise and start the year off with great sales. What the stores do is put merchandise in bags that you can’t see through and put a price tag on them. Some will give you an idea of what’s in it and some don’t. Pretty much every store takes part in this including stores like Apple (at least one person is guaranteed to get a Mac book Air) and Coach!! This only lasts January 2-5th.

Charrleen, Jeremy and I decided we wanted to try our hand at Fukubukuro hunting. Our first stop started off as a joke (and if you are my mom or under the age of 18 please don’t read any further). We went to a sex shop near the base to see if they did lucky bags. I will be making a post about how weird sex shops are in Japan. There is too much to say in this post. Surprisingly even the sex shop did lucky bags!!! Charrleen and I decided to each buy one. She chose a small red paper bag and I chose a large black gift bag. My reasoning was that since my bag was different looking than the other bags it had to have something different in it.


We took them back to the apartment to open them while we played Cards Against Humanity. We were surprised to find out that both bags with filled with fleshlights!!! Just fleshlights!!! My bag had ELEVEN FLESHLIGHTS!!!! I regifted all of them to Nicole for her to use on a hash run. img_4786-1

The next day the three of us went to You Me Town to see what they had to offer. Many of the stores had Lucky Bags available.


Charrleen bought a large gift bag Lucky Bag from a Spencer’s type store. It had a pillow, scarf, cup, and a sticker. She wasn’t really impressed. I, on the other hand, loved the pillow and traded for it.

Photo courtesy of Charrleen (

I played it safe and got a Lucky Bag from the grocery store in You Me Town. Yes, even the grocery store had Lucky Bags!! This lucky bag had strawberry chocolates, a mixed bag of candies, and a cake. This was an awesome Lucky Bag for a big girl like me. The strawberry chocolates were my favorite. They tasted like strawberry milk.


We have decided that next year we are going to skip doing Christmas presents to each other and save up money. We want to hit the BIG stores in Hiroshima like Prada or Apple or Mac Cosmetics. I can’t wait to see what we get next year.

15 thoughts on “Fukubukuro Hunting (18+)

  1. LOL, a bag full of fleshlights? That’s hilarious. Interesting culture ;). That’s pretty cool though. My husband spent a year in South Korea and he said stores do the same thing there at the end of the year.

    1. It was an interesting surprise to say the least but it did make us (and everyone we told it to) laugh. Japan still amazes me often. I wonder how Korean bags are compared to Japanese lucky bags. Did your husband buy any while he was there?

  2. Hahahahahaaaaaaaa!! Omg! Are you not allowed to take a sneak peak at the bags before you buy? Its a bit of a con.. The first bag you bought had nothing for you in there.. But at least the sweet shop had it right.. They need to keep a check on what, or rather how much the put into a bag!

      1. Oh.. I think you were robbed.. Plenty for you hubby to use,but nothing for both of you to use.. I watched a programme about the Sanrio factory that produces Hello Kitty.. They had vibrators and dildos right next to the children’s toys! Very strange! Is that what you meant when you said that some sex shops are weird out there?

      2. Oh there is so much I can write about the sex shops here. I am working on a post that I will be posting soon about it all. The shops here are crazy and not for the faint of heart.

  3. You can’t make it up. Eleven. Who would need THAT many? Are you supposed to start a DIY soapland with them?

    I don’t know if you’ve read this story already, but I found it interesting:

    Long story short: Dude buys an Apple lucky bag but it’s essentially worthless and blogs about it, mentioning that he preferred his Acer laptop. So Acer finds out and send him a (purpose built I’m sure) lucky bag with one of their ultrabooks in it.

    1. Wow! That is amazing! I’ve heard a lot of people are disappointed in their lucky bags but personally, I love the surprise factor. It feels like a second Christmas. Plus now I have a story that will make everyone laugh. Next year if I get another lucky bag with that many I may just leave them gift wrapped at the barracks for the single Marines.

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