Paranormal Housewife

Game Night

I apologize for the lack of posts last week. Murphy’s Law loves to cause chaos in my life. When I wrote last’s weeks posts, I thought I had saved them to my laptop. Unfortunately, when I went to go look for them to post them to this page and the Patreon page, I could no longer find them. With my new job at the News-Gazette Media, I haven’t had a chance to rewrite them. As soon as I do, I will post them because the topics were really interesting.

This week though I have two great posts for you for those of y’all that follow this blog only. Those of y’all on the Patreon page will get an extra post. The theme for this week is Supernatural Games. Each post will have two games that you can try out to either tell you your future or to talk to spirits. For those of you who have been debating on following the Patreon page, this week is the best time to do so. The post going up this week will have two games that you will want to check out if you like a good scare. Plus the giveaways end this week. If you join the Patreon page for just $2, you will not only have a bunch of new exclusive posts to read but you’ll be entered into Patreon giveaway for a BooBuddy ghost hunting kit (a $216 value!). So far only two people have entered the Patreon giveaway.  Also, make sure to register with the main giveaway going on here for another ghost hunting kit. Giveaway registration ends Thursday night. Winners will be announced on Friday.

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