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Getting Our Yayas Out With The Gabas In Kyoto (Part Two)

Day two of our trip to Kyoto started off wet. The rain was nice while we slept but once we woke up we realized we had to figure out how to get to the car in the rain with all our luggage. We decided to put it off until after breakfast with the hopes that the rain would eventually stop. We found a cool little bakery that was underground at a mall near the hostel. I really enjoyed the pastries that we had.

Walking back to the hostel we happened to run into some some women dressed up in kimonos. I don’t know if they were Geishas or not but I loved how pretty they looked in their kimonos.


It was still raining when we went back to the hostel. We had to check out by noon so we had no choice but to lug our luggage the almost mile back to the car. The streets on either side of the alleyway were too busy for us to drive to the hostel and load up near the hostel. It was a long soggy walk but we made it. As we were loading up the car we went to pay for the parking. Remember how yesterday I told you the owner of the hostel said that parking would be ¥1,500 (about $15)  to park over night? Yeah, that was a big fat lie… We were quite shocked to find out that parking was ¥5,500 (about $55)!!! We were saying a few words I won’t be repeating here. I tried calling the hostel owner but he wasn’t picking up the phone.


We paid the parking fee and started driving towards the Bamboo Forest. It was another thing on mine and Stephanie’s Japan bucket list. Just before the Bamboo Forest there was a small rest area with a little shop and a food vendor. We stopped there to shop and grab some food. We grabbed a stuffed cat for Katniss. Jeremy and I also ordered some udon soup and ice cream.

After lunch we headed towards the Bamboo Forest. Along the way we ran into a group of Geishas. They were happy to take photos with us. It was so cool to meet them.

kyoto (18)

The Bambo Forest was beautiful. It was so quiet and peaceful even with all the crowds. The rain didn’t seem to come through the forest. The creaking of the bamboo sounded like we were on a old wooden ship. I absolutely loved it.

We followed the path through the forest. Along the way we found a large shrine area.

As we walked through the forest we happened across an odd area. There were dolls in the yard of a house. There were dolls hanging and sitting in trees. We don’t know why they were there.

We also passed a cemetery. It was surprising to see such a large cemetery in the middle of a forest.

After sending a few hours walking around the forest, we were all ready to drive back to Iwakuni. It was a five hour drive home. Katniss was happy to see us when we picked her up from Mizuki’s home. She was very happy with her stuffed kitty that looked like her. We cut the bell off of the stuffed kitten so that she wouldn’t hurt herself chewing on it.

4 thoughts on “Getting Our Yayas Out With The Gabas In Kyoto (Part Two)

  1. Geishas were actually artisans of sorts (and escorts as popularly known in Memoirs of a Geisha). The woman you’re seeing are just wearing kimonos. I believe calling a woman a geisha would be the equivalent of calling someone a prostitute haha! Kyoto also offers a lot of packages for visitors to be dressed in kimonos for the day.

  2. I forget which bamboo forest but there’s one that’s well known for it’s high suicide rate (they have a sign up) could that be the same place?

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