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Good Bye Cari Ma

If you have been reading this blog for a while, you know of the trouble our Honda was giving us. It seemed like it was always about to break down. It made me nervous to drive very far because I didn’t want to deal with trying to get a tow truck or have an accident because it stopped it in a dangerous spot. I was also getting aggravated with the windows. The motors on the windows were going out so if you put down the window it would take 10 minutes and a lot of pulling to get them back up. With as often as we have to put down our window for showing our IDs to get on base or to pay for parking, I dreaded driving the car.

Jeremy and I have been discussing what to do about the car since Christmas. The JCI is due the end of May and we weren’t sure if there were going to be more issues to fix to get it to pass inspection. We decided last week to go ahead and buy a new car and try to sell our piece of junk. We found an American that sold Japanese cars near the base for a decent price. These cars had never been owned by an American so they were well taken care of, looked and ran great. We decided to purchase a 2003 4 wheel drive Nissan March. It came with a 2 year JCI, 2016 road tax paid, and 1 year of ACE auto insurance paid.


It took about a week of running around to get all the paperwork submitted for ownership. While Jeremy was running around doing that, I worked on selling our old car. A Marine had responded to my ad in the selling pages about it and asked to come see it. He came out the next day and fell in love. He had Hondas growing up and grew up fixing them. I told him about all of her issues and he didn’t mind them. In fact he liked the fact that it needed some work. It would give him something to do in his free time. He ended up buying her the next day for our asking price. He was so excited about it he told everyone everywhere we went to register it and at the bank when he went to pull out money. While I was unhappy with our old car, I was happy to see someone take her and love her.


The next day we got to pick up our new baby. We haven’t named her yet. We decided to take Katniss out that for a ride to 7-11 (she loves car rides). She loved the new car because it has a bigger back deck for her to ride on.



I love our new car. It has a lot of pep and so much easier to navigate on the back roads because it is smaller. I can either listen to my music and directions from my GPS app over a blue tooth speaker my dad gave me a couple of years ago or I can actually listen to the radio in the car. This car has an antenna!!! Cari Ma didn’t have one. I feel so much safer in this car. I’m excited to take trips in it soon. I feel like I can go out and explore in this car and not worry about being out by myself. Now we just have to name him (it feels like a boy). Any suggestions?

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  1. Yep, I checked out your instagram pics. You do have a handsome husband! I love Japan. it’s the only country outside the US I’ve been to – I’m a Nichiren Buddhist. I have lots of Japanese friends. My mom and i took a trip over one year at cherry blossom time. We loved it. People don’t feel they have to run around with guns and they don’t steal anything just because it isn’t nailed down. We could learn a lot from them.

    1. Thank you! I think I lucked out when it comes to husbands. 🙂

      I love how safe it is here. I amazes me that people can leave expensive bikes by stores and have to worry about chaining them up. People actually respect each other.

      I’m excited for the cherry blossom season. It should be starting in a couple of weeks. Ume (plum) blossom season is just starting south of here and should be arriving up here in about a week or two. Hopefully I will have pictures soon to share.

      What is a Nichiren Buddhist? I have never heard that phrase before.

      1. I would love to do that but I think we are going to keep it as is for now. Jeremy has talked about possibly doing something on a smaller scale to his car back in the states.

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