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Good Food And Good Friends Are Good For The Soul

Today has been a chaotic day. Work was its normal stressful self but since its Friday, I knew I would be able to go home and relax. In fact I was looking forward to making Doritos Pork Chops and curling up to watch Grey’s Anatomy on Hulu.

On my way home Jeremy called and said that Michael invited us over. Michael is Jeremy’s best friend and sergeant. They have been best friends since 2010 when they were roomies in Pensacola. I have known Michael, his wife Jessica, and their daughter Harley for as long as I have been dating Jeremy. I love hanging out with them. Jessica is actually one of my bridesmaids in the wedding. Harley is one of the flower girls and Michael is the best man. They are really good friends of ours.

Jeremy and I headed out to their house after dinner. Jessica, being the awesome person she is, had presents for us. She had found a Mrs. coffee mug for me and mason jar cup with an S for Jeremy. She also got two journels for me because she knows how I love to write.



Along the Michael, Jess, Harley, Jeremy and I at their house was one of Jeremy’s marines, Seth, and his girlfriend, Adrian. The six of us adults played a few games of cranium (the girls won every time). Then Jess and I broke off for the front room to talk about everything. See not only are we dealing with pcsing but so are they. They have orders for around the same time as us to move to Beaufort, SC. Jess is excited because she’ll be closer to her family but nervous about the change. She’ll be starting over again with making new friends, finding a job, enrolling Harley into dance and karate classes and daycare. She’s happy because its something new but still close to here in a way. Beaufort is only 5 hours from Jacksonville so she can come back to visit the few friends who aren’t pcsing elsewhere. In some aspects I’m envious of her. I would love to stay close to my family and friends. Plus she will only be an hour or two from Charleston and Savannah (two cities I love very much). Being in Japan means I won’t be able to come home for the weekend like I can now if I wanted to or to meet my parents halfway for dinner. Being in Japan means relying on Skype, Facebook and mail to contact friends. Don’t get me wrong, they is a lot I will love about Japan but I don’t know if I’m ready for the sacrifices that come with it. Talking to Jess brought up some of the fears and worries I have been trying to keep out of my mind. I don’t want to stress things that I can’t control and at this point I can’t control much.

When Jeremy and I came home I was happy to see that I had another wedding package. My custom garters came in. The one I keep says “Semper Fi” and the one that Jeremy is suppose to throw says “You’re Next”. I love how they turned out.


Tomorrow morning we are trying again with the cats. We have four alarms set to make us wake up in time. Wish us luck.

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