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Happy Anniversary I Do And Adieu!!

We did it! We made it a year. A year ago I found out we were moving to Japan and I started this blog to keep up with all the adventures. Along the way I have met some amazing people, experienced awesome adventures, lost loved ones, and discovered things about myself I didn’t know.

Jeremy and I one year ago today

A year ago I was just a fiancee trying to plan a wedding and living in North Carolina. Now I am a wife living in Japan but I have become more than that. I am a blogger and soon hopefully I can call myself a writer.Β I discovered I am an adventurer and that I am more willing to try new things than I thought. I’m learning to not be so shy and to talk to people even if we don’t speak the same language.

One of the things that have changed recently is my job. I am no longer teaching the class in Hikari. I loved my job and loved my students and their families. I looked forward to each class and loved watching them learn something new. Unfortunately what I signed up to do was not what I ended up doing. I had originally signed up just to help with the crafts and to teach the children English three hours a week. In return I would be paid about $40 a week. It quickly turned into where I was the one coming up with the craft, the instructions, purchasing the supplies, finding a book to go with the craft, planning events for the families to come take part in and much more. While this may not seem like much all of my classes and the books had to be as interesting to my oldest students (12 years olds) but easily done by my youngest students (3 years old). I was working 12- 20 hours week and driving over an hour one way to work. My boss used my being there to attract high school students and new students to begin attending the school. She even had a reporter come for an interview about the classes I taught to attract even more students. Through out all this I was still only making $40 a week. The breaking point was when she wanted an in depth syllabus for the entire year (crafts, instructions, book, theme for the month, phrase of the day, supply list) by the next class. She didn’t care that it was New Year’s weekend. After long talks with my mom, Jeremy and friends and reflecting on what I wanted, I realized that while it gave me happiness for the 3 hours I was there, it was interfering with my time with Jeremy and time I could spend exploring Japan. So I left the position. Its been a couple of weeks now and I still miss it but I am happier, less stressed and was able to catch up on the things that I have been wanting to do but didn’t have the time to (i.e. blogging again, decorating my apartment, cooking, exploring Iwakuni, spending time with friends).

I also now have time for a new adventure. I am the president of the spouse club for our unit! Its similar to the officer’s wives club but all ranks are able to attend it. We have activities for the spouses, their families, and single marines. We also do out reach events to included Nationals in Iwakuni or with an orphanage that is near here. I’ve never been a part of something like this before and I have never had a board seat before but I am up to this challenge. I hope I can lead this club to doing great things.

I’m excited to see what the next year of “I Do And Adieu” has in store. I have adventures I am already planning. Also my mom and hopefully my sister are going to coming out for a visit this year. I have goals that I want to work on and hopefully accomplish.

What do want to see in “I Do And Adieu” over the next year? What did you like best about this last year? What did you like least? Any suggestions for adventures here in Japan? Please let me know. If you don’t want to sayΒ it publicly, please feel free to email at Also feel free to email just to say “hi”. I love my readers and appreciate the time y’all take to read my blog and to interact with me via emails and comments. Y’all are amazing.

Cheers to great first year!!!

Jeremy and I now

26 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary I Do And Adieu!!

  1. Congrats on making it to a year in Japan!!

    About your job part, I can relate to it! I’m just wondering.. if you would like to share your crafts and teach students in workshops you organise, smaller groups since you miss it? With the media coverage the school got and them utilising you, it could have worked in your advantage..? Just a thought.

    “Where has she gone?”
    “I’m back!!”

    Enjoy your 2nd year in Japan!!

    1. Thank you!!!

      It’s really hard to work off base as a military dependent. I can’t sell services or goods to Nationals and if I want a job off base, I have to get a work visa but if I get a work visa, I have to give up my SOFA status. Giving up my SOFA status means I can’t use any of the base services. I just found out this week that the job I had off base as a teacher was technically not allowed (glad I quit before I got caught). I’m going to keep posting crafts that I do myself because I enjoy doing crafts.

      1. Welcome! Ohgosh, completely missed the part where you have SOFA obligations! My cousin almost when insane with boredom when she followed her hubby on 3-yr mission too. Glad you are keeping yourself occupied!!

      2. I can understand why she would go insane with boredom. We have redone the layout of our living room three times since Christmas because I get bored. LOL I would love to find a business I could do from home because I really miss working.

      3. Grand Jury,
        Please forgive me because I raided the selling pages again.
        Now my husband has to figure out how to make my office into a guest room since I found a bed and other furniture, make room in the living for my writing desk, and I just rearranged our bedroom. Yes we still have four couches in the living room but one of them should be able to go in the guest room.

      4. Ohmy.. that is some major changes! Perhaps one of the couches can be used to divide space for/section off your office..? I’m sure the husband is up for the challenge! Haha! Do snap some before and after shots to share with us for verdict.

        Grand Jury

      5. So we have decided to flip flop rooms. The office/ guest room will now become the master bedroom. The current master bedroom (master because it has the second balcony) will become the guest room with the new bed and the larger of the old couches. This way we can have guests on the back balcony without having to walk them through our bedroom. The other older couch will be held in our storage unit. My office is being moved to the living room (there is a cozy area by the kitchen) so that I can blog and write but still be able to spend time with my husband while he plays video games or use the second TV (yes, our living room has two TVs in it lol) to play my music through the Apple TV. I can also bake and be present during the baking and blog while whatever I’m baking is in the oven. I freak my husband out by telling when something is done by smelling it instead of going by the timer. He says he can’t smell anything until the oven is open but I can be sitting on the couch and smell when cookies, etc are done. I think we are going to be doing the moving around this weekend. Hopefully I will get some photos once its all done.

      6. Wow! I am sold on the cozy office nook by the kitchen! Fast access to coffee and cookies πŸ˜‚

        Not sure how often you’d have guests staying over but sounds like you could host some dinner parties in the meantime in the Guest room!

        2 TVs2 and sans remote fighting, sounds like a legit plan!

      7. Hey! Take your camera out of my apartment!!! How did you know I was sitting here eating chocolate chip cookies and drinking coffee????

        We haven’t had any overnight guests yet but my mom is coming out in May for about a month and I am hoping that other friends and family members will come to visit as well.

        One TV is the gaming TV because I don’t think my husband gets to game as much as he likes to. The other TV is for watching TV or (more often) playing music. Now we can both do what we want, when we want, but still spend time with other. I think all of our friends that come over a little jealous of the set up.

      8. HAHAHHA! Once it is on-ed you can’t turn it off! Did you leave the dishes in the sink? HAHA. Too bad we can’t smell the chocolate chip + coffee goodness!

        That’s nice May Mother Madness! Hope you have a good time catching up with her! Send your friends photos of the country and sales on flight tickets. haha!

        I have a TV in my room and all it does is collect dust! Atleast the 2 of you are using the 2 of them TVs!

        Your friends will be but they get to stay in that set-up, if only they can get themselves there – free accommodation. COME ON FRIENDS! haha πŸ˜‰

      9. You could be onto something, theme/month for interior!! Till you figure it out, I guess your home and husband will be your main business πŸ˜‰

  2. Congrats!! I remember when you first started! Wow! Its a year already for you!! Continue enjoying the blog. I’ve had mine for 4 years now.. It keeps getting better and better, with more follows, friends and frolics online! I see you have recipes up here now. Have you learnt any Japanese recipes yet?

    1. Thank you so much!! I haven’t learned any Japanese recipes yet but I hope to soon with the Spouse Club. We are trying to set up things like takoyaki, gyoza, and okonomiyaki. Once I have those recipes I will be sharing them.

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