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Happy Birthday, Bagheera!

A couple of weeks ago it was Bagheera’s birthday. Since he is much pickier about his stuff than Katniss is, Jeremy and I weren’t sure what to do to celebrate his birthday. He didn’t like balls, hair ties, or scary movies like Katniss. He is also is pickier about his treats than her. We were stumped.

About two weeks before his birthday, the cats had received a Kitnip Box. In it was a little yellow bowtie collar. Bagheera really wanted it but the bow fell off the collar as soon as I picked it out of the box. Since it had fallen apart I just left it in the box and gave them the rest of the toys and treats. Bagheera sulked and kept going back to the box. When we realized he was upset about the bow, I took out my sewing kit and sewed it securely back onto the collar. Once it was around his neck he was very loving and puffing out his little chest. It was at that point we realized he loved accessories. We came up with the idea to take him to Hatsukaichi to the You Me Town that had the huge pet store. He could pick out his own birthday present and have a fun little trip.

Bagheera's birthday adventure1

The morning of his birthday, we loaded the cats and their stroller into car drove for an hour to get to You Me Town. The cats did really well for such a long drive. The were excited to go out in their stroller. We have food and water bowls in their stroller plus some toys for them.

In the year or so since we had been to this You Me Town I had forgotten how big the pet store really was. We decided we would go look at everything and see what Bagheera reacted to before we made a decision on what to buy. The pet store had tons of clothing and accessory options for pampered pets. It was a little overwhelming.

Bagheera didn’t seem interested in any of the clothes. When we made our way over to the collars and leash section he was more excited. We found a bowtie collar that had shirt lapels on it that he loved. In fact he loved it so much he wouldn’t let me take it off of him. He looked so cute in it, we had to get it for him.

Bagheera's birthday adventure18

After deciding on the collar we decided to walk them through the exotic pet area. We figured it would be like a trip to the zoo for them. They were most intrigued with the meerkat that was hoping around.

After checking the exotic animal section, we took the cats over to the fish area. Katniss loved watching them when she went to the pet shop in Hiroshima. She loved seeing the fish here just as much because there were more big fish here than at the one in Hiroshima. Jeremy took Bagheera out of the stroller to get a closer look. I think the fish scared him.

While we were checking out, we noticed a display case with birthday cakes for pets in it. Good to know for future pet birthdays. Jeremy had thought ahead for Bagheera’s birthday and gotten plain cupcakes for the cats from the commissary and red velvet for us.

Bagheera's birthday adventure20

Once we had checked out of the pet store we decided to take the cats across the walk way to the store that sold dogs and cats. When we walked in, we saw a puppy that looked like my dog, Cujo, back in the states. We also lots of kittens. I’m not sure what our cats thought of the kittens locked up in glass cases.

By this point the cats were pretty tired out. We headed back to the apartment. On the car ride home Bagheera slept in the back window. Katniss crawled up onto me and slept on me for most of the way home. Once home we decorated the cats’ cupcakes with sheba and cat treats. Bagheera and Katniss just licked off the sheba and the treats and left the cupcakes. Oh well. We tried.

I would like to think Bagheera had a good birthday and the adventure was fun for him. I know that Jeremy and myself enjoyed it quite a bit. I love how easy Japan makes adventures like this possible. Back in the states, everything is a bit more dog friendly than cat friendly. I think the cats will be in for a culture shock next year.

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