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Happy Birthday Katniss!

It is hard to believe that we have been blessed with tiny bundle of fluff for a whole year! When we first brought her home she was only suppose to be a foster kitty but we bonded with her so much we couldn’t give her away.


She has grown up so much over the past year. She definitely is loved by many on and off the base.

For her birthday we celebrated a week early because she was impatient. She found her bag of presents from the pokemon center. We had gotten her a couple of different pikachu and raichu toys because she identifies with their crooked tails. We also took her and Bagheera on a car ride to McDonald’s and picked her up a birthday cake from a baker on base. She also got extra sheba for dinner. Since she loves scary gory movies we watched all three of the Purge movies. We think she enjoyed her day.

We have never bonded with an animal as much as we have bonded with her. She may be spoiled but she is a really behaved cat and much more social than a normal cat. She stills by my chair or under my desk whenever I am working at my desk. She loves going on car rides and walks down by the Kintaikyo. She still hams it up when I am taking her picture. She loves second sleep (when you go back to bed after getting for a few minutes). She is definitely my little shadow.

I hope we have many more birthdays with our little Katniss “Katnip” Everpurr. We love her so much.

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