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Happy Halloween!!!

If you can’t tell by the title, this is one of the catch up posts.

We had a great Halloween! Jeremy and I invited my students and some of the parents up to the base to experience an American style Halloween. Halloween in Japan is something that is just starting to happen in some of the bigger cities. In some of the rural cities, like Iwakuni and Hikari, it is used as a gimmick to buy certain products because they have ghosts and pumpkins on it even though they have nothing to with the actual product (just like we do in the states) but they don’t dress up or go trick or treating. ┬áHere on the base, we offer a traditional Halloween with trick or treating and haunted houses.

Jeremy and I rented two vans and drove down to Hikari to pick up my students and some of their parents.


We were able to get back to base early enough so that the kids could try American style pizza. They LOVED it. We also introduced them to “Nightmare Before Christmas”.


Once the sunset, we headed out trick or treating. We started in our tower first. Our friends, Marcus and Charrleen, joined up with us.

The kids were having a blast! We decided to go down and check out the row homes. The kids love seeing all the out door decorations and elaborate set ups that some of the houses had set up. While trick or tricking down in the row houses, we visited Kelle (their original teacher).

All in all, the kids and the parents really enjoyed their first trick or treating and are looking forward to this year’s opportunities. My favorite part of the night was while we were still in our apartment, Jeremy and I were introducing the parents to various different American things like Starbucks coffee from a Keurig, Hershey syrup in milk (the parents only put it on ice cream), instant hot chocolate among other things. After sampling the chocolate milk, the father struck a pose with the glass raised and proudly proclaimed “AMERICAN!”. We loaded up as many samples as we had the things they tried and liked into bags for them to take home. One of the moms said that they were getting to go trick or treating in our kitchen. Before leaving they gave me and Jeremy a present of cookies decorated to look like the different seasons on Mount Fuji.



4 thoughts on “Happy Halloween!!!

  1. How fun! Hallowe’en was such an American ‘treat’ when I taught English there. And we love Nightmare Before Christmas. One of our faves. We just got a very cool wall clock and lamp… Zero comes out of the top of the clock on the hour. Great fun! Good for you guys giving the students such a fun evening!

      1. I wrote a couple of blogs with pics, including a Hallowe’en one recently. I was right in Tokyo and then moved to American Language Schools in Chiba. Great company – they had continuing education & provided a place to live! I taught all ages. What a fun, unique time. Are you teaching adults as well or just kids?

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