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Happy Sea Day!

Today in Japan is a national holiday called Sea Day. On Sea Day everyone is suppose to take time to reflect on what all the ocean has provided us and give thanks for it. I reflected on it while enjoying the view from our back balcony. I know its not the sea but its the largest body water I know how to get to. While I was out there I watched as some people walked along the sea wall, a marine ran along it, and some was fishing in the Nishiki River.


I spent today catching up on some chores we neglected over the weekend. It honestly wasn’t much. Not even an hours worth of chores. Being able to organize everything from the get go has made day to day chores a thousand times easier. Thirty minutes of work and the apartment is ready for company to stop unannounced. I really want this to be a place where friends can come over without calling first and feel comfortable.

I did treat myself to some popcorn in my popcorn machine. I have only used once before in the year that I have had it. Mainly because since our old kitchen had no storage space for much of anything, my popcorn machine was neglected in the garage and I forgot about it. Since we have so much storage in the kitchen I can keep all my stuff where I can easily access it and use it often.


The first time I used this I just emptied a bag of microwave popcorn into the machine. This time I used popping corn and oil. I learned a few things doing it this way. First, a little popcorn goes a LONG way. I only used half a cup of popping corn and the whole pot was filled with popcorn when I was done popping it. Second, I need to figure out how to flavor the popcorn. I poured melted butter on the popcorn but it didn’t get all of the popcorn and the parts it did get were slimy and mushy. I tried putting some the nacho cheese powder on it but it didn’t help unless I put I ton. I will play with this and figure it out in the future. I still enjoyed my popcorn while I worked on some stuff.


Tonight, for Sea Day, I figured I should make something that incorporated the sea. So I decided to try making a tuna casserole. I’ve never made one before because I am so picky about fish and most times I don’t like canned tuna but tonight it seemed fitting. Since the commissary is closed on Mondays, I had to get creative. I used canned veggies instead of frozen or fresh. I used sour cream instead of heavy cream. I used cream of mushroom soup instead of cream of celery. Even with the substitutions it tasted really good. Jeremy ate two bowlfuls. I posted the recipe here if you would like it.


I don’t know about y’all but I am tired. I hear a bubble bath calling my name and then bed. Have a good night!

2 thoughts on “Happy Sea Day!

  1. OMG I have that exact popcorn popper! It’s great and I was also surprised at how far just a little bit of popcorn can go. I like to flavor mine with coconut oil and unsalted butter. After all the corn is popped I melt those two together in a small pot and then pour it over the popcorn. To spread it more evenly, sift the popcorn with your hands as you pour. That is what has worked for me. Add as much as you need for your liking. Then I sprinkle it with pink salt (but any salt will do, if you like salt). It tastes heavenly.

    1. That popper is the best one ever and its so fun to use (unless you put too much in it and have it popping out at you). I will definitely have to try flavoring it your way when I get the ingredients. I am ordering some coconut oil and pink salt when we get paid. The coconut oil is way over priced here and they don’t offer pink salt. I love pink salt.

      I wish we could do a movie night sometime. Miss you, Zazu.

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