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Heading Home

I’m currently on flight number two of five flights that Jeremy and I have to take to get back to Iwakuni. I’m over the middle part of the United States. Not entirely sure where exactly. We are flying from Atlanta l, Georgia to Seattle, Washington. It is going to take two more days before we are home. While I am grateful to have gone back to North Carolina for my father’s funeral and Thanksgiving, Iwakuni feels more like home than Chapel Hill does any more. The little town I grew up has changed from a quaint little town to a wannabe Cary or Morrisville which feels to uppity to me. I miss the casualness of a small town. That’s one of the main things I miss about Iwakuni right now. Friendly people with no judgement of how your dressed or how much money you make or how big your house is or who you know. 

Today was slightly hectic trying to get everything done in time to catch our first flight but happily we accomplished everything. The biggest thing I wanted to do was to go by the Church of Latter Day Saints for a blessing. I’m not Mormon but it is something I have been looking into for the past few years. Ever since I visited the Tabernacle in Salt Lake City, Utah I have been intrigued by them. I have met with the missionaries off and on for the last two years after they thankfully gave me a blessing to help with Al who was a little too protective of me when I first started dating Jeremy (long story for another time). We had seriously considered joining the church in Jacksonville back then but it would have required me to move out for six weeks since we were “living in sin”. While they offered to place me with a host family for the time needed to allow us to join, I wasn’t ready to move in with complete strangers. Anywho we went by the church today in Chapel Hill. As fate would have it there were a group of elders and sisters having a lunch meeting to greet new missionaries. They were happy to give me a blessing. One of the things I love about the Mormon church is that they do the laying of hands when doing a blessing. Maybe I’m old fashion but it feels more comforting and real when they do it this way. I wanted a blessing for safe travels and to bless my living in Japan. I honestly regret not doing this six months before. The elders did the blessing and even included my father in the blessing. My mom was inspired to recieve a blessing as well. Afterwards the elders took my information because they said that our base should have some elders there so I can continue looking into joining. Jeremy seems more hesitant about joining this time. He wasn’t raised in a Christian home and didn’t appreciate the brief judgement (as he called it) of our relationship, especially since we ended up getting married. I’m going to look more into it and probably will end up joining. My dad didn’t like that I wasn’t apart of a church. He supported me looking into the Church of Latter Day Saints because he wanted me find something that brought me comfort. He even sat with me when I was a teenager talking to the missionaries. Even back then I appreciated the fact I could ask questions about the bible and express my doubts or interpretations openly with the missionaries and not worry about the lectures I would get in the Baptist or Methodist churches we attended growing up. I also love the services were people give testimony. It makes it all seem a little more tangible and real instead of a rule book and lectures. 

After the blessing we had to hurry to the airport. When we arrived we had some confusion. Our first two flights are booked through Alaska Airlines but the people that were suppose to check us in didn’t even arrive until an hour and half before our plane was suppose to depart. Then when we tried to check in they said their first flight was a direct to Seattle. Our tickets were for flights from Raleigh to Atlanta and then Atlanta to Seattle and it was suppose to leave an hour and half before their direct flight. After about 20 minutes of trying to figure out was going on I checked our flight information on an app I had downloaded to track our flights. It said it was an Alaska Airlines flight through Delta. So we had to go to the other side of the terminal to check in. The person we checked in with was amazing. Since Jeremy is active duty, the person printed up gate passes for my mom and sister, Magan. We also got to go through a special security line since Jeremy was flying on orders that allowed to by pass the really long line everyone else was in. I know my mom was appreciative of being able to go to the gate to see us off. I know I was. I’m going to miss her and Magan.  

Between the fog and a mechanical issue our flight was delayed a half an hour. Normally I wouldn’t stress because our layovers usually a few hours. Not the case for the layover in Atlanta. Before the delay we only had an hour between arrival and departure. Our delay gave us less than 30 minutes to go from concourse B to concourse D which included catching a tram. I literally had to run which I can do. I just hate running with a passion. We managed to make it to our gate right as they called final boarding. And now we are about 1.5 hours from Seattle. 

We will be spending the night in the USO at Sea-Tac. The USO is amazing. It is bigger than our apartment. They have a room with bunk beds so we can actually get some decent sleep and even take a shower in the morning before our flight at 6am. 

Tomorrow we are flying from Seattle to Los Angeles and then Los Angeles to Tokyo. Thursday we will fly from Tokyo to Iwakuni. I’m hoping tomorrow that everything works out with our first flight so I can go (finally) meet a good friend of mine in Los Angeles but I also don’t think it will work out. We only have an hour and a half between arrival and departure. I am not so secretly hoping for a delay so we have to take a different flight to Tokyo and allow us to meet up with SisterWife (another long story for another post). It would be nice to finally meet her. 

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