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How Can I Breathe With No Air?

One of the weird quirks about living in the Towers is that we can’t control our heating or A/C all the time. I got the dreaded email from housing today. The heating season is over but we won’t have A/C either for a while.


Currently (and projected for the next two weeks) our highs are mid 60’s and our lows are upper 40’s/ low 50’s. It usually feels great but on the days the humidity gets really high, it would be nice to turn the air on. Plus recently we have turn the heat on because it gets a little chilly here when it rains.

I’m really hoping that they turn the A/C on before my mom comes to visit. I hear it starts getting really warm in May. I remember watching the Iwakuni Spouse page on Facebook that it was miserably hot before they turn the A/C back on in the Towers because they stick to the five day rule. There were many times where it was 78 degrees 4 days in a row but the 5th day it was 77 over lower and the count would have to start again. According the prediction chart on Accuweather, we won’t be turning the A/C on until June 13th.

June is the start of the rainy season. It won’t rain every day but when it does rain, it will be quite heavy. When we were flying here last summer, our flight from Tokyo to Hiroshima was canceled due to the rain from one of those storms. Unlike back home where after it rains in the summer its slightly cooler, here it just becomes muggy. The air feels thick and suffocating.

I was telling Danielle that I am happy that Jeremy has SGT’s course through the month of July. It will be so hot and muggy here that I know I will be miserable if I go outside. Last year the humidity was close to 90% to 100% most of the month while being 80-90 degrees. I may come from the South but I don’t do heat or humidity very well. While he is gone, I will be hibernating in our apartment with the A/C on blast.

I spent all last summer with my hair up because I couldn’t handle it being on my neck. I also quickly learned to wear long sun dresses if I went out. Jeans feel gross after sweating for a few hours. I think I will be investing in more fans before too much longer. Thankfully Nafco seems to sell them during the summer. We have two now we brought from the States. By the time we got here they had already turned the A/C back on for the Tower residents. The residents living in town homes or row homes can control their thermostat. One of the few perks of living in a town home or row house instead of the Towers. I still  prefer the Towers. The layout is better, our rooms (except for the kitchen) are larger, and we have much more storage space. Plus living in the Towers we don’t have to worry about mold like the town home or row house residents do. Last year I saw so many people talking about how mold was growing on their stuff. Mold creeps me out. I wouldn’t be able to handle living like that.

This summer should be interesting. Hopefully I can survive it while remaining cool and comfortable. Or at least be better acclimated to it this time around. Or maybe I can just become a mermaid and live in one of the base pools (a girl can dream).

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