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I Feel Like An Adult Again

Today was my first day at the Rib House. I actually enjoyed it. It felt great to be actually working again. Yeah I am basically making minimum wage but its something. Plus I am actually feeling productive again. It has been over 18 months since I worked a legitimate job. Yes I know teaching is a job but it is only an hour a week. It feels different to actually go to work and punch a time clock. I feel like an adult again. This base has had me feeling like a child for a while.

I had three deliveries tonight. I was surprised I could actually find everything fairly easily. It helps that when we deliver to the barracks I have to call when I am close and arrange for them to meet down in the parking lot. I don’t have to go and figure out which actual building is theirs or their room. I was told it was a safety thing even though this base is fairly safe.

The rest of my shift I learned how to do a lot of the stuff like how to make carne asada fries. I’m sure if I won’t remember it all for tomorrow but I should have a pretty good grasp by the end of this weekend if I can get back there and actually do it myself. I am definitely a hands on learner. The staff seems great and my boss seems nice. He sent me home with a giant freezer bag of ribs because he makes those fresh everyday. He said that he sends his employees home with food often. I know Jeremy is going to like that.

I know that working there is going to help me lose weight. I am on my feet all shift instead of working on a computer. Plus if I work Friday through Sunday I will walk to work. It’s 3/4 of mile from the apartment so its a decent walk but not too much. Plus if I come home as tired as I am right now, I am not going to want to eat. I have all those ribs in my fridge and I am too tired to go heat them up. Also I will need to drink more water because it gets so hot in the kitchen. I was cutting meat and had to sit for a moment because I hadn’t had much water to drink today (maybe a liter if that) and I had been in that sweltering kitchen for an hour sweating at that point and was feeling really light headed. I will build up a tolerance to the heat the more I am back there but I definitely need to step up my water drinking. I was proud of myself yesterday because I drank 5 liters of water but then I slept in today and was not interested in water. That’s going to change.

Jeremy left yesterday for Okinawa. The kitties are mad at me for coming home without him. They YELLED at me after they realized he wasn’t coming through the door. They know what luggage means. They have been really clingy today. In fact both are sitting on the top of my computer chair (it has a really high back) watching me type this. He has his PFT in the morning. I hope he runs it well so that he can get a gold card when he comes back. If he doesn’t get a gold card its going to suck when I go back to the states because he will have to find someone else to go off base with him. And he will need to go off at some put to buy the cats’ food because 90% is Japanese kitty food. I have no idea what we will do when we go back to the states and they have to go on new food.


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