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I Heart Japan

I swear everytime I have sat down to write in the past month something as come up. I’m sorry it has been so long. Between dealing with a laptop that didn’t agree with my router, buying a new computer, then having the new computer fixed because it was a used iMac, school stuff, photography stuff, and teaching again I have had zero time to write. But I am back now! Things are still crazy but I missed writing too much.

As mentioned before I have started teaching again. I have a great group of students. They are so smart. They come here every Thursday evening to an hour long lesson. Each week we study a different letter of the alphabet. This week we will be on the letter D. I’m thinking about either buying some play dough or making some play dough for them to play with.

Two weekends ago, Jeremy and I were invited out to their home for a party. The party was a lot of fun. They taught us how to somen-nagashi. Some-nagashi is where could somen noodles are floated down bamboo pipes. We had to catch the noodles with chopsticks. We also tried to catch cherry tomatoes. They made lots of Japanese food like tempura (with shrimp and veggies that they grew), takoyaki, yakitori and sushi. The grandmother on some of the students taught Jeremy how to roll sushi properly. After eating they brought out two watermelons and a large wooden sword. The parents bid folded the children, spun them around and then pushed them towards the watermelon on the ground. The kids would try to break the watermelon open like a piñata. Afterwards we lit fireworks and sparklers. It was really quite fun.

I’m still loving living in Japan. I’m feeling the strain of living on this base though. I wish I could just live in Japan and not on this base. So much drama would be avoided. I’ll save those stories for another day.

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    1. Your post is awesome. I haven’t visited Tokyo yet but I want to. Everything you wrote about punctuality, great service, and politeness I have observed elsewhere in Japan as well. I use to think the USA was the greatest country but after living here for a year, I realized we are doing everything backwards. I really want to stay in Japan because it feels so much safer. I feel like when I do have children, that they would be able to have a wonderful childhood here and hold on to their innocence longer. Raising children in the states I will be worried about their safety. I don’t like how now in the states you have to look over your shoulder no matter what you are doing because violence is happening everywhere. It’s sad really.

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