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If You Want To Feel Pampered…

Yesterday in my post about the Hotel & Resort Sunshine Sazan Seto I mentioned the spa services offered. I wanted to do a separate post for Hiroko and the services she offers because there is too much to include on the previous post.


I was nervous before my massage but Hiroko put me at ease quickly. She explained that she had picked out the top three combinations for oil massage. The first was an eucalyptus combination for shoulder stiffness. The second was a floral combination that included lavender that was meant to relax the body and mind. The third was a juniper and cypress combination for leg swelling. I chose the one with lavender because it is my favorite scent. The massage was amazing. I felt so relaxed that I actually drifted off to sleep for a little bit.

After the massage I was touched to see that Hiroko had a place set up so that I could fix my hair and touch up my makeup real quick.


I was greeted by Hiroko, Saori and cup of delicious tea. We discussed the many services that Hiroko offers at the resort. She offers variety of spa treatments including massage, reflexology, and facial treatments. The massages she offers are either 40 minutes half body or an 80 minute full body oil massage. Hiroko explained that in order to get the most from the massage that the person receiving the massage should go and sit in the onsen first until relaxed before going to their massage. Not only does it help the person relax but it also helps with the circulation.


For those of y’all who are like me before I came to Japan, I had no idea what reflexology was. After doing some research I found it is a type of massage done on the hands and feet without oil or location to help heal or soothe a part of the body.I don’t know how it works but it does. There is more to the technique than I can explain but all I can say is if you haven’t tried yet, you really need to. And you can try it the Hotel & Resort Sunshine Sazan Seto.

I did get a picture of the prices for Hiroko’s services but it is currently in Japanese. Once she has a list in English I will update this post. One last thing I would like to point out is that Hiroko is willing to take appointments as late 11pm! That means parents staying at the resort have more than enough time to put the children to bed before relaxing in the onsen and then have a relaxing massage. If you are interested in booking any of her services, I recommend using Saori’s translating services at Explore Translation. You can contact her through her website or through her Facebook page.


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