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In A Cottage In A Wood: Book Review

Since I bought a Kindle tablet to use at the Balls, I figured I better use it for reading as well. The first book I downloaded on it was In A Cottage In A Wood by Cass Green. It seemed like an interesting book and the reviews were decent on Goodreads. Plus it was cheap. At a $1.99, what did I have to lose to with purchasing it?

In A Cottage In A Wood Cass Green Book Review Southern Ohana

A strange encounter
Neve comes across a troubled woman called Isabelle on Waterloo Bridge late one night. Isabelle forces a parcel into Neve’s hands and jumps to her death in the icy Thames below.

An unexpected gift
Two weeks later, as Neve’s wreck of a life in London collapses, an unexpected lifeline falls into her lap – a charming cottage in Cornwall left to her by Isabelle, the woman on the bridge. The solution to all her problems.

A Twisted secret
But when Neve arrives, alone in the dark woods late one night, she finds a sinister-looking bungalow with bars across its windows. And her dream home quickly becomes her worst nightmare – a house hiding a twisted secret that will change her life forever…

As you can tell by the synopsis, this is a British book. I had to reach out to one of my British friends and her friends to translate some phrases and words. Other than that the book was really easy to read. The book is actually really creepy. I got drawn into the confusion and paranoia that Nelle feels. Nelle’s character reminded me of how I use to be when I was younger. In the book, before she goes to the bungalow, she is just kind of floating through life, not sure where she fits in and knowing that her life is just two steps away from falling apart. When she goes to the bungalow, suddenly it seems that something is out to get her but it’s difficult to tell if it is paranormal, a person, or even Nelle herself out to get her. The way this book is written it is easy to understand how a normal, semi-rational person can easily get caught up in paranoia and lost track of whats going on.

The twists that Cass Green writes into the story keeps the reader on their toes. The twists come quickly and unexpectedly which help to add to the sense of paranoia that Nelle has. One thing that I really appreciate that Cass Green does is at the end of the book. When everything is finally revealed, not only does Green take the time to properly wrap up the storyline of each character but she doesn’t rush the ending like so many books of this style do. This book is a kind of a quick read because you don’t want to put it down. I stayed up late a few nights just because every time I thought I was ready to put the book down, some new twist would pop up and make me want to keep reading. I can’t wait to read more of her books.

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