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Introducing Southern Ohana Photography!!!

For the past few months I have mentioned that I been wanting to work towards becoming a professional photographer. I recently started making real strides towards that goal.

I began working towards starting my photography business a couple of weeks ago. I named it Southern Ohana Photography to reflect my roots and my marriage. I am a Southern girl through and through. Ohana is a special phrase to me and Jeremy. Even while we were dating we said that we were an Ohana. The part from Lilo And Stitch where Stitch says “This is my family. I found it all on my own. It’s little and broken but still good. Yeah, still good.” has stuck with both of us. We both came from screwed up marriages and we started dating each other when we both had a lot of baggage but we had the hope that we could make a family together. Jeremy has the word Ohana engraved inside of his wedding band. I’ll have it engraved in mine when we get back to the states. I tried to have it done before the wedding but yeah, it was a debacle. I feel like Southern Ohana is a great reflection on who I am.

Our friends, Desirae and Dejay, wanted pictures done for their anniversary. I offered to take their pictures. Happily they said yes! Since I am not open officially for business I didn’t charge them for the pictures but it was so much fun taking their pictures!!! I think their photos turned out great but it also help when I photograph beautiful people.

This was my first real photo shoot. I loved it.  I can’t wait to do more. I have lots of ideas for future photo shoots. I still need to work on some things before I can officially open. I am going to SJA this week to see if they can assist me with writing the contracts and to submit my business paperwork. I also need to build a website and set up a way to pay. I am hoping to have everything done and ready to go by August. Once it is up and running I will be sharing my favorite photos here.

I am open to critics, praise, and advise. I know I need these to grow. I am still going to school but I am excited to get started. Please let me know what y’all think.


14 thoughts on “Introducing Southern Ohana Photography!!!

  1. They are lovely. I especially like the B&W one of the couple lying facing each other. Well done you.
    Did you choose the colours or did they? They certainly “pop” against the blue of the sky.

    1. Thank you! That B&W is my favorite picture of the bunch. Desirae and Dejay picked their clothes for this photo shoot. She is a photographer as well, so she knows what would look great in photos.

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