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It’s Starting To Look Like Christmas!

This is a catch up post but this one was meant for Christmas. Thank you again for your patience while I catch everything up. I hope you are enjoying these posts even though they are slightly out of date.

After getting back from the States, I had to jump back into work. Since we only had a few until Christmas, I had the kids doing Christmas themed crafts.

The first week I had them decorate salt dough ornaments. You can find the directions for the salt dough here.

The second week I had them create reindeer from candy canes. They used pipe cleaners for antlers, googly eyes for the eyes, and mini pompoms for the nose. We also constructed Christmas trees from paper plates.

The week of Christmas, I taught my students how to make a snow globes. We used baby food jars that one of the families on base had donated to our class to make them. We painted the outside of the jars. On the inside of the lid we hot glued either a mini Santa Claus, a mini present, or a small ornament. Inside the jar the children put sequins and glitter. We filled them up with cool water and a two tablespoons of glycerin.



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