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Kansai Style Okonomiyaki

Tonight Jeremy, Charrleen, Marcus and I decided to try the┬áKansai style okonomiyaki to see how it would be different from Hiroshima style okonomiyaki. We went to a restaurant that my boss, Junko, recommended. It was by Yellow Brick Road and near the other okonomiyaki place we went to last week. The owner didn’t speak much English but was able to explain what it was that they offered and take our order. It wasn’t until they brought out silver bowls that we realized that this was a make your own okonomiyaki.






We had a lot of fun making them. It turns out the difference between the two styles is that Hiroshima style is made with noodles and Kansai is made without noodles. I much prefer Kansai style. I also loved that this meal was even cheaper than the other style. This one was only 1200 yen ($9.88) for both Jeremy and me. We will definitely be coming back here again.

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