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Katniss In All Her Forms

A few weeks back I joined a group on Facebook called Sounds Weirdly Specific But Ok. It’s an odd group with the most random posts. One of the types of posts I like watching the most are the photoshop request ones. Some of the photoshopped pictures are hilarious and some are just genius. I decided to send a picture of Katniss and ask them to do their magic.

katniss southern ohana 1

I submitted the above picture to them. I had randomly taken it on my phone and thought it was a cute picture of her that showed some of her personality. I waited a few hours and then the photoshopped pictures started rolling in. I wasn’t disappointed.



At first, there were some memes redone with her in them.



The people in the group liked making pictures of her with dogs.



Some of the pictures that came in were really cute and sweet.



Then came the naughty pictures of Katniss and her adventures out of the house. I really want to know what my little girl did to get arrested. She definitely seems to like strippers.



After a bit, people in the group seemed to take notice of Bagheera in the background and made sure to add to some of the pictures.



Katniss was added to a couple of pictures that showed her hanging out with some famous folks. Well, I’ll be honest, I don’t know who they are but I hear they are famous.



Then, of course, came my favorite picture. With the government shut down that just happened, this is perfect.

katniss southern ohana donald trump


If anyone wants to photoshop Katniss into some more pictures, please send them to or tag me in the picture. Contact me if you need a better picture of her to photoshop. God knows that I have hundreds of my little kitten. I love seeing all the creative pictures people come up with.

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