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Kick Starting Adventures


For the past year y’all have followed mine and Jeremy’s adventures around the world. We have had a blast exploring Japan and meeting amazing people. We want to continue traveling and seeing new places but as we all know, traveling costs money. To help off set the costs of traveling and having amazing adventures to share with y’all on this blog, I’ve started a kickstarter campaign. If you want to help us go on amazing adventures then please go check it out and make a pledge.

Some of the places/ adventures we want to go to are:

-Tokyo via the bullet train

-Osaka to see the aquarium with WHALE SHARKS!!!

-Nagoya for the Fertility Festival

-Kyoto to see Geishas

Please help us experience Japan. For those that help us by making pledges, depending on the level of the pledge, will receive a personal thank you on the blog from me; a handwritten letter; and a care package with some of my favorite Japanese things. You can contribute by clicking here.

Even if we don’t reach our goal, Jeremy and I will still be exploring Japan. It will just be closer to home and slightly less expensive. I, of course, will continue to blog about everything often.

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