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Last Day In Kyoto

Our last day in Kyoto was a little more relaxed than our previous traveling days. We decided to sleep in before we started out on our last little bit of adventures. After grabbing some breakfast we walked back over to the train depot. We would ultimately be leaving from Kyoto via the Shin from that station. Jeremy and I took our luggage to a locker room located within the station so we wouldn’t have to carry it everywhere.


With our luggage safely stored we attempted to figure out how to get to the Bamboo Forest from the train station. While Jeremy and I had been there before, it was a little more difficult to figure out how to get there from the train station without using a cab. Thankfully Mom and Jeremy figured it out.

Jeremy and I had loved visiting the Bamboo Forest when we had gone with the Gabas. It’s such a unique experience that we wanted to share it Mom. After taking train the city right outside the forest, we had to walk for a bit until we could take a bus to the area. While we were on the bus we passed a protest that was going on. I’m not sure what the protest was about.

The bus dropped us off outside the Bamboo Forest in a shopping area. We were getting pretty hungry so we found a place to grab some lunch. Of course, Jeremy and I had to grab some ice cream.

As we walked around trying to find the opening to the Bamboo Forest, we passed by some small statues. I think they were ojizousamas but I wasn’t sure. They looked different than the ones I had seen before. They lined sections of the small walls in between the shops.

A few blocks down we found the entrance to the Bamboo Forest. Even though we came in a different side than when we went the Gabas, we quickly found the path we walked along previously. It was much more crowded this time but still really quiet and peaceful in the forest.

We spent a couple of hours walking around the forest. When the sun started to set we decided it was time to catch the bus back to the train station. We were only on the bus for about 10 minutes when it passed by a beautiful river. We decided to hop off the bus to take in the scenery. It was gorgeous and so incredibly peaceful. I know there are beautiful areas back in the States but there is something about Japan that seems to always take my breath away with its beauty.

Back at the train station we were surprised to see the tall stairs all lit up. The lights would change patterns and designs. It was fun to watch them change.

As Jeremy and I went back for our luggage, we ran into a girl dressed up in an interesting outfit. She said she was a golden bird. Outside of comic cons I haven’t really seen anything like her outfit before. It was pretty cool.


After Jeremy and I grabbed the luggage, we met Mom back at the Shin part of the train station. The ride back home was just as quiet and quick as riding out to Osaka. Riding on the Shin is so easy and relaxing. I wish there was something equal to it in the States.

Mom left to go back to the States a few days after this adventure. I hope she enjoyed seeing Japan. We loved having her here and showing Japan off to her. I am trying to convince her to come back out here again. Or to maybe send my sister out here. I know Magan would love it.

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