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Last Day In Osaka

The next morning we woke up and prepared to head out to Kyoto. Before we went to Kyoto though, we wanted to check out Expo City in Osaka. To get to Expo City from the hotel we had to take a train and then a monorail. When we walked to the train station we were surprised to find an art gallery in the train station. It had paintings that I had only seen in art museums back home. Japan is full of surprises and this was just one of many for this trip.

While we were waiting for the train we were surprised to learn that in Osaka they have women only train cars. I think this is great so that women feel safe while traveling around the city. I wish more cities around the world did this.

We took the train down to another train station where we could catch the monorail. The monorail was quite crowded. It was quick and quiet ride. It always surprises me how quiet everyone is on the public transportation. In New York City its always loud, even in the subway.

Expo City was a lot bigger than I was expecting. It was a large mall with a zoo, Pokemon training center, 3D movie theater, and all sorts of stuff. We all wanted to check it out but we decided to grab some lunch before splitting up to explore the area. Mom tried her first okonomiyaki which she loved.

After lunch Jeremy, of course, made a beeline to the Pokemon training center. The training center has bunch of different interactive games to play. Its a nerdy arcade. While Jeremy was off playing games, Mom and I went to get some pastries and people watch. We found a cute bakery on the second floor with an outdoor sitting area. The weather was really nice and it was nice to have some one on one time with my mom.

When Jeremy got tired of beating all the games at the training center, we headed across a long bridge to a park. There was a large statue I wanted to check out. We could see it above the trees but it was so strange looking, even by Japanese standards. Sadly the park was closed that day so I couldn’t see it in person. Hopefully we can go back and see it again before we move back to the states.

We took the monorail back to the train station so we could take a train to Kyoto. The train ride there wasn’t that long. Kyoto and Osaka were much closer together than I thought. After we checked into our hotel we went down the block to a giant mall for dinner. At the mall they had one of the conveyer belt sushi restaurants. Mom had never been to one so we went there for dinner. We all had fun trying the different types of sushi.

After dinner we went to bed early because of the adventure we had planned for the next day. I was excited to show Mom Kyoto and we had planned to do it in fun way.

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