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Let’s Be Truthful About Truthfully Trisha

You would think being half way around the world would keep the drama I left behind from following me. Nope. It reared it’s ugly head. It caught back up with me and I got sucked back in. Before I launch into this, this is not me gossiping. This is about a toxic friendship that continues to haunt me.

I guess I should go back to the beginning so everything makes sense. Back in August 2014 Jeremy and I had gone to the Rib Fest in Wilmington. While we were there we, of course, were eating ribs. Seatting was limited so we weren’t surprised when another couple asked to sit with us. We struck up a conversation with them. Her name was Trisha and her husband, Sean. They were from near Jacksonville too. Trisha and I seemed to hit it off as friends so we exchanged Facebook information so we could hang out sometime. I took Trisha and Sean’s picture for them and they returned the favor.


At first Trisha seemed nice. A little hyper active and always wanting to do stuff but I wrote that off. Little by little she became clingier and clingier. At one point she found out that  Jeremy and I had planned a special date of going deep sea fishing (something he had always wanted to do but hadn’t had a chance to do yet). She and Sean invited themselves along. They showed up that night. She talked nonstop after showing up. Jeremy and I decided to go to another part of the boat for some peace and quiet. Unfortunately I ended up being really sea sick for the entire boat ride. Jeremy had fun though and caught my share of the fish too.

The finally straw for me was when she found out that I had Hashimoto’s she came back a week later talking about how she was just diagnosed with cancer. I don’t know a lot about cancer and I don’t remember exactly what she said about her cancer but I remember the red flags going off like crazy and it contradicting everything I had heard or witnessed about cancer treatment. I vaguely remember the timeline being really rushed like she was diagnosed and told she needed chemo or radiation treatment the same day she went in for a check up. I’m sorry this was 3 years ago and A LOT has happened in those 3 years.

I followed my gut instinct and cut ties with her. I blocked her on all forms of social media because she was that much of a clinger. It freaked me out how much she was flipping out about me wanting to end this friendship. My friends knew how much of a psycho she was with how much she tried to contact us.

About a month or so after I blocked her, Facebook irrupted with posts about her. All the military groups and pages that make fun of “dependas” were going nuts over a post she made on one of the selling groups for Jacksonville. She had posted that she wanted to go to the Marine Corps Ball to “support the troops” and because her husband couldn’t give her the “Cinderella experience” because he was a disabled veteran. People went crazy making fun of her. Especially when she started attacking absolutely everyone and attacking people that had nothing to do with this situation. She made a Facebook page called Catch A Bully. She claimed it was to defend service members’ wives from bullying. It wasn’t long at all before she started using that page to start attacking the very people she was suppose to be defending. On that page she posted about how she survived her cancer with chemo or radiation. It had only been a month or so since she told she was diagnosed.

After a while, Trisha shut down the page and all the drama died down. I moved on with my life. I honestly didn’t give a second thought to her. Then one day about two months or so ago, Facebook popped up with some suggested pages for me to follow. To my surprise TruthfullyTrisha was listed there. I glanced at it and realized she was still bat shit crazy (excuse my language). A few weeks later I received a Facebook message from some one who found me on the “Catch A Bully Is Fake Page” (a page that was created during the drama of the Catch A Bully page to tell the truth about Trisha). This person wanted to know how I got Trisha to leave me alone because Trisha was harassing her nonstop. I told her I had to block her on all social media to get any peace. Then the person asked me if I knew how Raundi died. That was so out of left field that I stopped talking to the person that messaged me.

Then in late October I found out from someone else who contacted me (they too saw me on the “Catch A Bully Is Fake” page) to let me know that Trisha was going to be on Dr. Phil because of vlogs and live streaming videos. Jeremy and I made plans to watch the day after it aired. She was still as crazy as when we knew her. You can watch part one here. I just got done watching part two and I am speechless. I just found out that the person bullying Raundi before she died was Trisha. How can someone be so toxic that push someone to commit suicide? I feel like I should have done more to warn others of Trisha but honestly I didn’t know at the time that I blocked her that she could be that toxic.

Trisha is still making her videos. She claims she tells the truth in her videos. She claims she is the Rosa Parks of the internet. She is a sick individual that needs help.

Toxic people can be hard to recognize at first but once you see their true colors, RUN. Don’t let them in or listen to their excuses or lies. They will end up hurting you. Listen to your gut when something seems off with someone. Bullying is never right. It can truly mess up people’s lives and push people too far into depression. If you need someone to talk to, please feel free to email me. I don’t judge.

11 thoughts on “Let’s Be Truthful About Truthfully Trisha

  1. oh wow. just wow. i’m so sorry you haven’t been able to shake this. How horrible. These people that end up on shows like that crave attention. I hope you find peace about everything soon. but don’t be hard on yourself. you’re only human. and thanks for being there for people.

  2. I’m so sorry this happened to you. Reading this post reminded me of a former friend who turned toxic, and I didn’t realize it until 18 months later, and it was far too late to remedy anything. He and his girlfriend ended up blocking me on Facebook in 2016, which sucked at first, but I’m actually glad they did. I don’t need either of them in my life anymore. I’m glad that you’re creating an outlet – I try to do the same for others in need.

  3. Brilliant post. Thank you for this. It is raw, honest and objective. TT is dangerous and we can only hope that she gets the help she so desperately needs. Her life is a landmine for those who are around her.

  4. Stay strong and go on with your life. You can’t control what other people do, only the way you respond. Kudos to you for cutting contact. Life is too short. Live happy without the craziness.

  5. Thank you for sharing….im watching part 2 of Dr. Phil right now for the 2nd time and she is nothing but drama and trouble you can see that. I really hope you have no more problems with her EVERYONE should STAY AWAY from her…im sorry you had to go through all you did…God bless you for trying to help others.

  6. She is a vile bitch. She aggressively promoted me to be a pedophile(i’m not-all because i refused to support her bullying others,Amy Slaton mainly> then she discovered my HIV status and broadcast it all over youtube, taking prode and laughing at how many times it was hearted and shared. She even caled people in my town where i currently live…to this day Hubby and I are nervous about who may be coming to my door (three already half/last one was informed he does anything to me outside my home. Florida has a stand your ground law

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