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Let’s Get “Spirit”ual

I had mentioned a while back that we live ghosts and were part of a paranormal team. Many people think we are joking or exaggerating. That’s until we invite them over to our house and introduce them to our ghosts. Most of the time, the ghosts live up to what we tell people. Then there are times they take it up a notch and really put on a show for them.

Before I go into what happened a few weeks ago let me introduced you to each of our ghosts. We have four attached to the house and one attached to a ring I wear. The ones that are attached to the house are Paul, Rose/ Sara, and Anna. (All this information is from multiple investigations with three different paranormal teams. Each investigation confirmed this information. I am still researching the area’s history to find out the facts). Paul was a marine here at Camp Lejeune. He as appeared wearing a fedora and long trench coat. He has been seen at least three times face on and half a dozen times out of the corner of people’s eyes. We have heard him verbally speak. He likes to grunt, laugh, and say “thank you”. Rose/ Sara (we have gotten both names) is either the wife or mistress of Paul. She doesn’t talk much but when she does she talks about fire a lot. She has a thick southern black woman’s voice. Usually when she talks, you will hear a baby crying soon afterwards. Anna is the daughter of Paul and Rose/ Sara. We have gotten both that she is 3 and 7 years old. She loves the song “A Moment Like This”. She requests it a lot. She also likes to play with anything that rolls. I have heard her giggle, singing, and yelling bloody murder as if she was terrified or hurt. We also have a dark entity that likes to terrorize me. We have notice that during hashimoto flare ups he gets stronger. He will stomp around the house. He bangs on walls and windows. He throws things at Jeremy or our cats. He slams doors and cabinets. He growls. He has appeared as a tall dark shadow and he is terrifying. We have had the house blessed a few times. The best way to keep him at bay is to keep me healthy it seems. He has been gone for months but since I have been under stress I have had a flare up and he has been back to his old tricks. In fact as I write this he is flicking the bedroom light on and off. I won’t miss him when we move.

The spirit that is attached to my ring is called Al. We know his history. His whole name is Alexander Gordon Taylor. He was a navy reservist from Harrisburg, PA aboard the USS Rall. He died April 12, 1945 when a kamikaze pilot flew into the Rall. After the attack the ship was sold for scrap in Charleston, SC. Some of that scrap was used on the USS Iwo Jima. The USS Iwo Jima set sell for the Vietnam war on April 12, 1965. My father served aboard the USS Iwo Jima. Al says that my dad (who was also from Pennsylvania) reminded him of himself and wanted to protect my dad. So he attached himself to this ring that my dad always wore.


Al did protect my dad. During Vietnam my did went on missions that he should have died in. While being a police officer my dad survived being shot at and being run down by cars (at least twice) with minor injuries. My dad gave me the ring 6 years ago and since then I have felt Al’s protection. He taps on windows and walls to let you know he is near by. He has comforted me when I was going through some really rough times. One time when Jeremy and I had had a big fight, I was laying on our bed when a portion of the bed had sunk down as if someone was sitting beside me. I told Al I was okay and the spot went away. A moment later Jeremy opened the door to ask of I was okay. He said he had heard knocking and thought it was me. We both now think that it was Al trying to get Jeremy to come talk to me (which he did and we made up).

A few weeks ago, one of Jeremy’s marines, Seth came over to make us some deer meat for dinner. Whenever he comes over the spirits act up. Seth has a tendency to piss them off. Well, that night the cabinets kept popping open and smacking him in the head. It got the point he started cussing at whoever was doing it. He step over to the living room to tell me and Jeremy to control our spirits when he was interrupted by the plate of deer meat coming off the counter and thrown about four feet to hit him in the hip. He jumped about three feet in the air and ran out the house screaming. After he calmed down he came in and said he wanted to talk to the spirits. Below is part of the video from that night. I recommend using head phones to hear it better.

I apologize for what happens at the end. We were reacting to a cast iron pan coming off the stove by itself the same time one of my black cats jumped on the table. This is only the second time I have ever lost it while doing this and screamed. Normally I can keep my composure.

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      1. Yes, it is playing great, but I can’t understand the machine voice at all. Bummer! I love this stuff. Have you tried automatic writing? Our ghost sings! She’s a happy ghost.
        I just posted a blog about turmeric and hashi’s! 💕

      2. I haven’t tried automatic writing yet. I need to find someone that does that.

        Can you record your ghost? I would love to hear her. Happy ghosts are the best.

        I saw loved your post. Jealous of the snow.

  1. When my daughter died the last two years, I wish I could see and feel her ghost in our house. But I don’t feel or see anything. Just some weird dreams a few weeks after her death and seeing strange things inside the house that scares my four years old Sue. She said she saw two clowns of red and blue and the blue one is the bad clown. Other than that, I heard a loud noise of something big like a cat or dog scratching the floor in the attic just above my head where we all slept together in the living room. For almost a month that me and the kids sleep in the living room because no one want to sleep alone in their rooms. It took us a while to regain ourselves after Amanda’s death … Later, I hear nothing no more … 🙁

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