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Lighting Up The Holidays With Katniss

Warning: this post is full of adorable cat pictures.

Right before Christmas, Jeremy and I wanted to go back to Hiroshima to see the Dream Illumination Lights near Peace Park. We decided that we would take Katniss with us. My mom had given me a kitty stroller for Christmas and I was excited to try it. For all the outings we had done with cats, they had been close to base and only about an hour or two. Hiroshima would be an almost two hour drive one way alone but we felt that Katniss was ready for the challenge. We would have taken Bagheera too if we felt he was ready but he hasn’t been out as much as Katniss and not as comfortable with crowds yet.

To prepare for the trip we needed to find a travel litter box. We found a cloth waterproof collapsable bucket with handles at Daiso for about $2. We poured some of her litter in it and  it seem to work out okay. Even Bagheera had to check it out before we left.


The ride up there was long but Katniss did great. She was able to figure out how to use her litter box in the car with no problem. She loves car rides and seemed to enjoy the new scenery we passed by.


We timed it so that it was already dark when we arrived in Hiroshima. We were able to find a quiet parking lot near the lights that was pretty inexpensive. It was just a two block walk from the car to the lights and we could tell that Katniss was excited for the adventure.


The lights were the same ones as the lights we saw last year with Charleen and Marcus but it was nice to walk around and see them again. They had made some changes but it was mostly the same set up. It was warmer this year which I appreciated. We had brought some self heating pads to put in the stroller for Katniss incase she got too cold. We had fun showing Katniss the lights and she had fun exploring some of the displays.

As we walked around, we kept being stopped so people could see Katniss and take pictures with her. It felt like we had a little celebrity. Katniss of course was a ham for the camera and her audience.

About halfway through it started getting colder and little windy. We decided to take a break and check out a pet store at a near by mall. Katniss has never been in a mall. No one seemed to mind that we were there and many of the workers smiled and waved at her as we walked by. I think Katniss was overwhelmed by everything at the pet store. She wanted to explore everything but stayed in her stroller as she checked them out.

Since she was so well behaved, we let her pick out a toy. As we checked out, the cashier and another worker cooed over Katniss. The cashier gave Katniss a bag of treats to enjoy which Katniss loved.


On the way out of the mall, Katniss say a display of pillows that looked like her (she likes to sit on my dresser and stare at herself in the mirror). I think she was intrigued by it.


It was a fine family outing. It helped Jeremy and I realize that we can do more things like this with Katniss and hopefully Bagheera in the future. We may not have kids but our cats are pretty good substitutes until then.

Before I go I wanted to let you know to keep your eyes on my Facebook page. I will have a BIG announcement on February 12. You can find my Facebook page here.

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    1. She surprising doesn’t act like a normal cat when we are out. We were just invited to a Plum Blossom festival but I think we were really invited because the friend wants to take pictures of Katniss with the blossoms. lol

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