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Little Cabin In The Smokey Mountains (Asheville Part One)

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The main reason for my trip back to North Carolina was to be with my sister and mom for the anniversary of my Dad’s death. I knew it would be a very difficult anniversary and not one I would want spend half way around the world from them. I knew that if we stayed in Chapel Hill we would just sit around miserable and depressed and that would not be how Dad would want us to be. I had the idea that we should go away for the anniversary and do something that Dad would have wanted to do.

While researching places to stay I came across Mountain Springs Cabin in Asheville. They are a group of cozy cabins on the out skirts of Asheville, North Carolina. Dad loved cabins and it seemed like the peaceful place we needed. I booked the Firefly cabin. From the few pictures online it looked adorable and the description said that it over looked a river. It sounded exactly like something Dad would pick.

We drove up on November 16th and the cabin was perfect. The photos online didn’t do it justice. It is away from town so it really quiet but really easy to find. There was a long porch across the back of the house that over looked the river. There was a picnic table on the side of the house that also overlooked the river. It was so peaceful outside of the cabin.

By the front door was a chalk board with our names on it welcoming us to the cabin. It was a sweet touch that we appreciated.


The inside of the cabin was the perfect country cabin for me, Mom, and Magan. There was a full kitchen, living room, large bathroom, and large bedroom downstairs. The living room had a large flat screen tv, sleeper sofa and fireplace. It also looked out onto the long porch across the back of the cabin. I am one of those weird people that like staying in places that have a kitchen because I like to save money by have breakfast and lunch stuff where we are staying instead of going out to eat all the time. Since we knew that we would have a full kitchen at the cabin we brought up some food from my favorite Middle Eastern restaurant in Chapel Hill. The bedroom had a king size bed and also looked out onto the long porch and river. Mom stayed in the downstairs bedroom.

Upstairs was a loft with two full beds. This is wear Magan and I stayed. The beds were really comfortable and it was very easy to fall asleep here. Even though the loft over looks the living room, it stays really quiet up there even when the television was on downstairs.

In a shed near the cabin we noticed that the owners of the property had built a cat house in the back of the shed. There are few cats around the cabin who are very friendly and would hang out on the long porch. The cats weren’t allowed in the cabin but I loved that they were there. It reminded me of my kitties back home.

This cabin was exactly what we needed for this anniversary. It is the type of place that Dad would have loved and we felt like he was there with us. The few days that we stayed in Asheville was made so much better because we had a safe, comfortable, and cozy to stay. At night it was so relaxing to sit on the back porch with one of the cats listening to the crickets and the river. I don’t think we could have marked this anniversary any better. I know I will be back to this cabin in the future. It is too perfect to not visit again. If you want a unique place to stay while in Asheville, please check out Mountain Springs Cabin.


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  1. This place is so good and relaxing😊. I loved the photographs and your idea too, to do something different on your dad’s death anniversary. May God bless you and your family.

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