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Little Kitty Big Adventures

We have slowly been taking Katniss on adventures. She loves car rides and she loves meeting new people. On Saturday we decided that we would spend the morning out with her. Katniss was very excited for her day out and to try out her new leash and harness.


We started the day off at Dr. Fujishima, Katniss’ vet. We just wanted a general check up for her since she hadn’t been in a few months and to get her nails clipped. She loves Dr. Fujishima. She sits through most of his poking and prodding with no problem but she hates having her nails trimmed. I guess she is like most cats in that regard.

Her appointment went really well. Dr. Fujishima said that she was healthy and ready to be scheduled to be spayed. We set her appointment for April 5th. It will be pricey but at least she won’t be going in heat every few weeks. When she goes into heat she is miserable. One of the things we love about her vet is that simple visits like this are quite affordable- only ¥540 ($4.75)!! In the States we never had a vet visit for less than $40. While we are here, we will be taking advantage of cheap pet healthcare to make sure she stays healthy.

After the vet visit, Jeremy and I took Katniss to the Kintai Bridge. We will be having pictures taken there this weekend and we wanted to get her use to the area and being around lots of people. We knew it could be over whelming to her at first but she did surprisingly well. She wasn’t much of a fan of walking on the stone road ways, so we carried her quite a bit. That was fine though because she caught the attention of several Nationals. They loved her and would coo over her. She posed for photos for them. She loved the attention. We rewarded her with an ice cream cone that she shared with Jeremy. They chose fishtail ice cream. Its vanilla ice cream with a real fishtail stuck in it. Jeremy and Katniss actually liked it. I had what they called Cleopatra’s Tears (green tea and vanilla swirled). It was really good.

After our ice cream break we took Katniss down into the park. She enjoyed walking along the different rock walls near fountains. She was really interested in watching the fish swim by in some of the ponds. She has never seen fish before. It was interesting to watch her try and figure them out.


When we brought her home that afternoon, Katniss was worn out. She curled up in her blanket with Raichu and fell asleep.

After doing so well, I am looking forward for taking her on more adventures. I think she will end up enjoying exploring Japan as much as we do.

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  1. Katniss is fabulouis! None of our 4 enjoy wearing a collar so getting them into a harness would be impossible! (sorry about the double post. I hit the wrong key!)

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