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Local Is Always Better

I learned today that big companies aren’t always the best and that I should really do more business with local shops. Tonight Jeremy and I went to Zales to pick up my rings. Jeremy and I were already frustrated with Zales because this is the fourth time we had to go to them. Six weeks ago we brought my engagement ring in to be sized and to purchase a plain wedding band. We found a band that matched nicely. We bought it and the warranty because the warranty covered the engraving I wanted. Jeremy’s band has “Ohana March 28, 2015”. I wanted the same thing engraved in mine. Ohana has been our family motto from the beginning and is very important to us. We sent it off the first time for engraving. It came back 10 days later. The “Oha” of Ohana were half way off the top of the band. I refused to accept the ring like that. They sent it back to the jeweler to have him engrave it again. It came in a week later. We went back to check it again. This time the “Oha” of the Ohana were halfway off the bottom. Again I refused to accept the ring. This time Zales said they would mail it off to a different jeweler but it would be gone almost 3 weeks. I knew that it would be cutting it close to the wedding date but I thought “what are the chances they would mess it up a third time?” I called last Wednesday because I hadn’t heard anything yet. The sales associate said she would call the jeweler and find out. I told her I also wanted the manager to call. I called back Friday morning because I still hadn’t heard anything. I spoke to the same associate. Again she said she would call the jeweler. I reminded her I was still waiting for the manager to call. She apologized for not giving him the message earlier. She called me back that afternoon saying it would be in on Tuesday of this week. I asked again to speak to the manager. She said she would have him call me that day. Sunday I called back and left another message with the same associate asking for the manager. She said he would call me on Monday. Jeremy and I went in today to pick up both rings. The SAME associate was there. She pulled out my rings. The wedding band was the EXACT same as last time.

Let me take a break real quick to explain that I don’t normally have a temper. I can bite my tongue and tolerate a lot. But once I do get angry I do have an Irish temper. It came out tonight.

Jeremy says I was justified in what I said but I always regret cussing someone out. I would’ve don’t it if that woman didn’t spend 20 minutes trying to explain that is how engraved rings are suppose to look (with the letters half hanging off). I have 5 years in the jewelry business. I know what engraved rings are suppose to look like. Her trying to force me to take a messed up ring pushed me over the edge. I returned the ring and had the money returned to Jeremy’s card. The associate had the nerve to say “Good luck replacing the ring in a week” in a very sarcastic way. I responded with a very firm “f*** you” and walked out. My only regret was not taking pictures of the ring to show how messed it was.

We tried walking around to the other stores to find another ring but none were in our new smaller price range. Jeremy offered to take me to a pawn shop to see if they might have anything. Its a pawn shop we like going to because they have so many usual things. We went there and told Chris, the store employee, what our situation was. He pulled out a ring and it was perfect. It was sterling silver (like my engagement ring). It is an infinity band with CZs the same size and shape as the diamonds in my engagement ring. It is also the perfect fit. Chris sold it to us for $10. MUCH better than the $150 we were going to pay for the plain band from Zales. I love it so much more.

My ring set

I’m going to take it this weekend to get it cleaned up. For now it will rest safely in our Mr. and Mrs. ring boxes.


I love my engagement ring. I didn’t want a traditional engagement ring. Diamond is my birthstone. I wanted an emerald because that is Jeremy’s birthstone. While I’m not picky about jewelry I can be about the stones. I prefer lab created gemstones over natural. I like the color and sparkle better on the lab created ones.

I love Jeremy’s wedding band. It has the eagle, globe and anchor of the Marine Corps on it. Its kind of a joke and kind of a true saying when we say he is married to the Marine Corps first and then me. I know my role (sort of) in this three way relationship.

Jeremy's wedding band

Only nine more days to go until the wedding. I think we can make it.

10 thoughts on “Local Is Always Better

  1. My brother took his fiancé’s ring back to Zales and they mailed back the wrong ring, and lost theirs. Promised to replace it, but my brother was infuriated, that was a sentimental ring. But local is always my first stop with anything! Would prefer to help my neighbor than a stranger.

    1. I’m sorry that happened to your brother. Did they ever replace it?

      It had never occurred to me try a pawn shop to find a wedding band. I knew the local jewelry stores were definitely out of our budget. I will never go back to Zales for anything. Which is a shame because I use to work for them for 2.5 years. Quality gone down hill since then I suppose.

  2. I got married to my husband the last year on the 20th June and we have been together since 12 years. When we searched for the rings, the first choice was ugly than it looks like and we did the second design. I wanted three tiny diamonds on it and they did it on my husband’s ring and we were about to get married in three days. I was so upset and break my heart … I cried much! LOL My poor husband does not know of what to do and when the wedding day come, he surprised me with a new ring with three diamonds on it but it was of another design. Thank goodness! hehe … 🙂

  3. Your big day is so soon! How exciting! 🙂 And I also have found that smaller, locally owned shops often have much better customer service and are usually a lot more willing to work with you and help you out. Unfortunately, a lot of these bigger companies have forgotten that keeping a customer happy matters.

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