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Long, Busy Day

It has been such a long, busy 24 hours. Jeremy had his first EEG today. It was a sleep deprived study. He had to stay up all day yesterday and last night. He stayed up by finishing sanding the table and playing video games. I took a nap at 4am until 6am. I don’t know how the study went because they wouldn’t let me come back and Jeremy didn’t say much after word. He has two more appointments tomorrow (one is another EEG test).

After a quick nap and some lunch, Jeremy took me back on base to get me registered into DEERS and EFMP. DEERS is where I’m enrolled as a dependent and get my ID. EFMP is a program for family members that have health issues. Since I have Hashimoto’s its mandatory for me to enroll into the program. We are going to go to IPAC tomorrow to get me set up to start my clearances for Japan.

I came home and found out that this blog now has 100 followers. I feel so blessed! Thank you everyone for your support, encouragement, comments, and everything. It means the world to me.

I’m exhausted. I’m calling it an early night.

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      1. I find it mindboggling that such a tiny thing can cause so many problems and in so many different ways. At the same time its kind of fascinating to research more about it.

      2. We have found that Graves’ disease has affected the maternal side of our family, beginning with our grandmother. I have two first cousins, a younger sister and now we believe our brother have all been afflicted.

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