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McDonald’s In Japan

Going off my post from yesterday of places to eat in Iwakuni, I have to mention McDonald’s. McDonald’s in Japan is nothing like McDonald’s in America. It does have the basics that McDonald’s in America but they kind of/ sort of/ maybe taste the same but it’s not the same. The food isn’t greasy which makes it taste different. I’m not complaining. I prefer the way it tastes. Plus there are a lot of things that you can only get in Japan.

Big Mac and Shrimp Burger

One of the things Jeremy likes to get is a shrimp burger. It actually has whole shrimp in the patty. I’m not sure what the patty is made of. Jeremy ate it too quickly for me to figure it out.


Around Valentine’s Day McDonald’s had limited edition fries that came with a packet of chocolate and white chocolate sauces. I loved these fries. It was salty and sweet and soooo yummy. I was so upset when they went away.

The second half of February McDonald’s had a limited time milkshake and McFlurry. The milkshake is Lemon Honey. It is really good but reminds me of a cough drop. I don’t know if I would get it again. The McFlurry is Milk Tea Oreo flavored. I love love love this. It’s sweet, creamy, and not what I was expecting. I love Milk Tea (tea mixed with milk) and I love Oreos. I’m going to be getting this again before it goes away.

You may have seen this imagine going around Facebook. mcd3

We went to McDonald’s on March 1st because that was when the Sakura (cherry blossom) stuff was suppose to start. They had the new foods but no pretty wrappers or cups. It was the same wrappers and cups as before. I didn’t like the sauce on the burger. They also had a flavor packet for the fries. I really didn’t like them. Fries should never taste like flowers.

One final thing that is cool about McDonald’s is that when you eat at the restaurant, they will give you a number for your table so that they can bring you the food when it’s ready. You don’t have to wait awkwardly at the counter for your food.


17 thoughts on “McDonald’s In Japan

    1. It’s really good. I’m going tonight to Daiso (my favorite store here because it’s basic like a really nice dollar tree) because a friend of mine said that she say chocolate packs like that there. I’ll let you know if I find them. 🙂

  1. I enjoyed McDonald’s when I was there! Corn soup! (Of course, everywhere has corn soup, even vending machines). I liked the taste of the regular burgers without as much grease in them, too. I could almost convince myself they were good for me! Domo arrigato!

    1. I accidentally bought the corn soup from a vending machine. I thought it was corn soda because this Japan- land of the weird food stuff. I was good with it until I started getting chunks of corn. I can’t drink chunky soup out of a can. It’s too weird. LOL

  2. I know we aren’t supposed to admit we eat at McDonalds as adults, thanks Jim Gaffigan for making me look over my shoulder, but I LOVE reading about and seeing this one! Maybe it’s the travel junkie in me, but it’s just fascinating. Thanks for bringing a little bit more of the world to my kitchen table. The fries look insane, I’m glad we can’t get them here, it would be impossible for me to avoid!

    1. McDonald’s and other fast food is okay as a treat every once in while. I didn’t think it was possible but I miss some of the fast food places back home. Like Wendy’s spicy chicken sandwich.

      I actually found a store that sells the chocolate sauces to make the fries!!! I can send you some if you want to try them.

      1. I love taro milk! Have you tried it with boba? The tapioca pearls? Also called bubble tea. It’s just fun to chew your drink! Hahaha. 🙂

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  4. We didn’t try McDonald’s until we’d been in Japan for several months and started craving food from home. When we did, I fell in love with the shrimp burger and now I wish that I could get one here in Canada!

    1. You know I actually went to a burger king the other day here in Hakata… they had a shrimp burger, but I didn’t get it… It kind of threw me off, I kind of forgot about the shrimp burger… and I’ve been here for almost 8 months now. Hah! Shrimp burgers, I’m sure Americans would actually like them, being they fight over sauce packets!

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