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Meet Our Ghosts: Al (Part One)

Before I go further on my history of how I became the Paranormal Housewife, I think I should take a moment to introduce some of the cast members in this story- the spirits we share our life with on a semi- regular basis.

Meet Al! This post will be a two-parter because explaining who Al is and all the adventures I have had with him over the years will take a while. He has been a friend for a long time so I want to make sure he’s story is told correctly and fully.

Al is the spirt that has been with me the longest. Actually, when I first knew he was around me, my roommate Nellie and I called him George. It would be a few years before we found out what his real name was. At the time though George seemed to fit him.

Me back in 2010

Before Nellie moved in I lived in the apartment for a few months with my then boyfriend, Matt. When we first moved in we couldn’t afford a real bed, so we bought an air mattress to sleep on. No matter what wall in the bedroom we put it up against, when we woke up it would be pulled away from the wall at least a foot or two and angled towards the closet. This was every single night. When we got nightstands occasionally the nightside closest to the bedroom door would actually end up in front the bedroom door. If we slept on it during the day during naps it wouldn’t move but at night, it always moved. Once we got a real bed it stopped moving.

Me and Matt in Myrtle Beach

After Matt and I broke up and he moved next door (we remain friends), Nellie moved into the other bedroom. Shortly after she moved in we both noticed odd knocks and taps, things not where we left them, and the cats’ weird behavior. The knocks and taps were the most constant. We would hear knocks on the wall that weren’t consistent with knocks that normally happen in an apartment. There would be a few and they would go down the wall as if someone was walking across the room or down the short hall. It was really alarming when it happened on the outer walls because our apartment was mostly underground the knocks were happening two or three feet into the ground. There was also tapping on the windows and the bathroom mirror but there wasn’t anyone there causing the noise. Eventually we just got in the habit of saying “Hello George” when we heard the noise. Often, we would have to ask the other if we had moved each other’s keys, earrings, or pens. We would set those down and when we came back to them they would be gone. Tearing up the apartment usually wouldn’t find the missing item but if we asked George if he saw it, it would suddenly turn up where we thought we had left it. Nellie and I each had a cat. I honestly forget Nellie’s cat’s name because this was 7 years ago. My cat was Crookshanks. The cats would follow something with their eyes like they were watching something walk around the room. It wouldn’t be unusual to hear knocking on the walls during this. Occasionally one of the cats would look up at the air above it and meow and look like they were expecting someone standing by them to pet them.

Do y’all remember when the rapture was supposed to happen back in 2011? Well the night before the rapture was supposed to happen, Nellie and I had a goodbye party. We invited our friends and my family over for pizza, drinks, and Just Dance on the Wii. We were surprised by Domino’s for fulfilling our special request by making one pizza with a cross made out of black olives and a Star of David out of pepperoni (this one was Matt’s idea. He’s Jewish so don’t freak out on us). We were all having fun until about midnight when Kamilla and I were dancing to Just Dance. In front of everyone a nine-volt battery came off the tv and flew 4 feet between me and Kamilla. Neither of us were hit but it freaked everyone out. The party ended shortly after that because not everyone was ready to party with a spirit.

Later that year, Nellie, Matt and I started getting the apartment ready for Christmas. The three of us were decorating the Christmas tree but almost as fast as we were hanging the ornaments, they were coming back off the tree. Thinking it was the cats jumping into the tree we locked the cats up in our rooms, but the ornaments still kept coming off. Trying to figure out what was going on we took a break. It was then we saw ornaments just drop of the tree until it was half way bare. Matt was the first to realize that everyone- him, Nellie, me, and the pets all got new ornaments, but we didn’t get one for George. We asked out loud if George wanted an ornament. The ornaments stopped falling off the tree. So, the three of us loaded up in the car to go to the mall to get an ornament for George. We decided on a teddy bear angel and had his name put on it. When we got back to the apartment we put it on the tree first where everyone in the living room could see it. After that we were able to decorate the tree without any more ornaments falling off. It’s now a tradition if we get new ornaments for everyone, we make sure we get one for Al too. We don’t want him to feel left out again.


Our Christmas tree with half the bottom ornaments missing thanks to George.

It would take a few years before I learned that George wasn’t a ghost that was attached to the apartment but actually attached to a piece of jewelry I owned. It would also be a few years before I knew who he was when he was when he was alive and why he chose that particular piece of jewelry to attach himself to but all of that is best saved for next time.


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