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Merry Christmas!!!

We are almost caught up with all these back dated posts. I really wish I had done these closer to the date I wanted to publish them but I hope you understand why I didn’t. I hope I never play catch like this again. I hope to be more consistent with my blogging. I plan on going on many more adventures.

On Christmas Eve Jeremy’s shop had a Christmas party. It was fun but I still need to find my niche in the group. Allย of the other wives have children, so they sat together and discussed kid stuff. I’m not a mom so I felt a little left out. I tried sitting with the Marines and playing Cards Against Humanity with them but I just felt like the annoying little sister. I was happy when Jeremy decided he wanted to go home.

When we got back, we got Katniss ready for Santa. We heard that he was going to be going through all the housing areas on a firetruck. We first tried waiting on the balcony but realized he wouldn’t be able to go through our parking lot. We bundled up Katniss and took her downstairs to wait in front of our building. Yes, we may not have a human baby but we do treat Katniss like our daughter. Of course no matter where we take her, she always gets attention. Marines walking pass with the firetruck broke formation to come pet her. She loved it!

After Santa went pass, we went upstairs to exchange presents. Katniss loved her new toys, cat tree, and dishes. Jeremy received some really cool glasses from my parents (they were purchased before my dad passed away) that take pictures, video, and can play music. He also received Cards Against Humanity, a Japanese mask, and a Qalo ring (a rubber wedding band that he can wear while at work safely). I received some new stuff for the kitchen, fuzzy socks, and new drinking cups. I did receive a gift that made me cry. It was a Este Lauder makeup kit. It was a tradition in my family that my mom would get one every Christmas from my dad. When I turned 13 years old and same with my sister when she turned 13, we would also get the same makeup kit. No matter how big or small our Christmases were, it was always the gift I looked forward to the most because it was tradition. When I unwrapped this present, I was instantly crying. Then Jeremy explained that he had already talked to my mom about it. Turns out my dad bought right before he died. I really think he knew what was going to happening and this was his way to say goodbye. I wish he knew how much this present meant to me even before he died and how much more it meant this year. I’m crying even writing this because of how much I miss him. I want to start traditions with Jeremy and our children. I hope they value them as much as I did with my family.

One of our friends, Nicole, stopped by quickly to drop off a present for me. Again, as soon as I unwrapped it, instant water works. She made a sign that said







This is the sign that Nicole made for me. I had it sitting below the Christmas house set my parents gave me last year for Christmas.

As you can see, Christmas Eve was very emotional for me. Don’t get me wrong. Despite the tears and the awkwardness at the party, I had a lot fun that day.


Christmas day was completely different. It was nothing but smiles. I refused to allow myself to cry that day. Jeremy and I slept in that day (something that had been rare since we came back). That evening Jeremy, Charrleen, Marcus, and I went to our Chinese restaurant. We had made reservations two months previously for one of their expensive meals. It was a 12 course meal with all you can drink any alcohol they have in the restaurant. I have no idea what 90% of what we ate was but everything was delicious. I really want to find the wine and beer again because they were simply amazing. Please excuse the snapchat photos. I had just learn how to start doing it so I was snap chatting everything. I forgot to take regular photos.

After dinner we went to Miss Saigon’s for drinks and pool. It was fun but so quiet. We didn’t stay long. On the way home, Charrleen and I found a giant inflatable Katniss. Of course we had to get a selfie with it.

Charrleen, Marcus, Jeremy and I have decided that every Christmas we are out here, we are going to go do a big, expensive meal somewhere together. Charrleen and I are looking for places for next Christmas. We heard about a place in Hiroshima that has all you can eat King crab. Maybe we’ll do that.

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    1. Since we have no children of our own, we treat her as our child. She loves it and thoroughly spoiled because of it. I wouldn’t have it any other way. By the way she says “meeeooow” which I assume is hello to you.

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