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Military Spouse Of The Year

A few weeks ago I found out about Military Spouse Of The Year. It was started by Military Spouse Magazine to recognize the important contributions from military spouses. I had mentioned it to my husband but didn’t much of it. I didn’t realize it at the time but he had nominated me for this. When he nominated me he also left a really sweet message. I was really touched when he nominated me.



If I maybe honest, I don’t think I am military spouse of the year material. There are so many women that have been doing this longer and have contributed more to military families than I have. I am just a wife of a Marine who tries her best to keep her husband happy, support his career and run a blog. Yes, I am trying to use my blog to get people off this base to explore Japan. Too many time Jeremy and I hear people who are about to PCS back to the states and complain that they haven’t seen much of Japan or shopped at a lot of the businesses nearby. I hope that my blog inspires someone to go out and enjoy Japan.

Voting started yesterday for Military Spouse of the Year. If you would like to vote me, I would appreciate it. You may do so here. I know it says Butler. That is my legal last name. I write under my married name because we had to move too soon after the wedding to legally change it. I can’t wait to change my name next year.

If for some reason I do win, I want to be able to help women to start their own businesses that they can PCS with. I know how hard it is to move around and start looking for new jobs while setting up a new house. If wives had their own business that they can set up and work around their schedule, it would take off some of the stress we feel when we move. For me, I have my blog and my dog treat business. My treat business will be started back up when we are state side.

I wish everyone nominated luck. I can’t wait to see who wins for each branch.

8 thoughts on “Military Spouse Of The Year

  1. If there’s anything I’ve realized about growing up in a military household, it’s that the spouses really do not give themselves enough credit for the work they do to hold down the fort (literally and figuratively). You probably do a lot more than you realize because you’re expected to keep the spotlight on your spouse due to their service, but y’all are the unsung heroes of it all. Keep on keepin’ on!

  2. I was a Coast Guard brat. Most of my childhood was when my dad was in the Coast Guard Reserves, but my mom went through multiple deployments and moves before I was born. Both of them, and you and Jeremy, are heroes! I have several friends and sorority sisters who are either in the military or are military spouses, and all of them inspire me every single day!

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