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Milk Money

Today I quit my job. I couldn’t take the disrespect and the hatefulness anymore. So I quit.

Then a few hours later while making wedding phone calls I remembered why I needed a job. I kind of have a wedding and a pcs move to pay for. Cue the anxiety. Later while talking to a friend I found out that she was having a hard time producing milk to nurse her son. She started talking about lactation cookies and about how she was having a hard time finding them locally. Talking to her made me realize that I had seen other people looking for them as well on local yard sale pages. I realized that I could make them and sell them. The friend I was talking to isn’t close enough to sample the cookies for me but I did find another friend that was having the same issue to sample them for me. I made a batch tonight and they are actually quite yummy. Like a chewy granola bar. I went ahead and posted them on some the yard sale pages on facebook. I already have a few orders in! Looks like I will be able to bring in some money after all. I have the recipe for the cookies listed on the recipe blog. You can access it by clicking here.

2015-02-23 22.00.35

I am quite happy about something that did happen today. Almost a month ago I ordered Jeremy’s sister, Reba, her bridesmaid’s gown. I was worried I wouldn’t even get it in time because it said delivery was on track for March 31st. Three days after my wedding. It was coming from China so all I could do was hope and pray it would be delivered in time. Well guess what??? IT CAME TODAY!!! And it is even more beautiful than I was expecting!!! I am seriously considering ordering one of these in my size for the Marine Corps ball this year. It is really pretty. I sent a picture of it to Reba and Jeremy’s mom, Cyndi, so they can see it. They love it too. I’m just waiting on Reba’s daughter, Alexis’ flower girl dress to come in and then I will mail both of them to Reba in case they need to be altered any. I can’t wait until my wedding!!!

Please excuse Jeremy. I couldn't get a decent picture with it on a hanger.
Please excuse Jeremy. I couldn’t get a decent picture with it on a hanger.

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    1. Thank you! Its not an official job selling cookies. Its just a way to bring in some money. I am much more happy doing this and having the ability to focus on the wedding and moving than dealing with constant insults and stress from my old job.

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