Paranormal Housewife

Mother Nature Is A Crazy Woman 

We moved into our apartment Friday morning. We lucked out to have our express shipment delivered the same morning. I have spent the past three days washing everything and putting it away. It will probably take me another day or two to finish it. Our household goods shipment should be here the end of August but I’m hoping sooner. 

This weekend I learned that Typhoon Nangka is heading our way. It should hit sometime on Friday. I’ve also heard rumors about a second typhoon that is suppose to be here next week or so. I’m not nervous about it. I’ve been through hurricanes before. Plus this apartment is a lot safer than the houses I was in when I went through those hurricanes. I’m three floors up in a cement building. 

What I wasn’t prepared for was the magnitude 5.4 earthquake 100 miles from us at about 3am. I was laying in bed trying to sleep (and failing miserably) when all of the sudden our bed felt like a waterbed with kids jumping up and down on it. I didn’t know what it was and it honestly didn’t cross my mind that it was an earthquake. I’ve had so many weird things happen to me that I just brushed it off until about an hour later when I got on Facebook and all of the people in Iwakuni were going “who felt the earthquake?” and “I just woke up to an earthquake”. 


Iwakuni is near the top of the picture by Hikari.

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