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My Lost Box Of Friendship

Tonight while packing some more boxes I found my old box of pen pal letters.


Four years ago I was really into pen pal letters. I had letters from all over the world. I had friends in China, India, Greece, Malaysia, Philippines, and across the United States. I have over 100 letters in my little box. I haven’t read the letters in over 2 years. After I moved here I put the box away and forgot about it. Coming across it today brought back old memories. These letters use to make so happy. I miss getting them now. I loved checking the mail to see what new letter was waiting to tell me of someone else’s life and culture. I loved the ones that came packed with photos. I hung those on my walls and imagine far off places.

Once I get to Japan I would like to take up penpaling again. Do people still write letters anymore?

14 thoughts on “My Lost Box Of Friendship

    1. I have kept every letter and every Christmas card I have gotten for the last five years because I appreciate them so much. They mean more than an email because I know someone went out of their way to mail me something.

  1. My best friend moved to England a few years ago and she always mails me christmas cards. It’s a lot more special than an e-card or just “Merry christmas” posted in facebook!

  2. Among all of my penpals, only one still in contact with me. We do WhatsApp or on FB from time to time, but not that often. But the least after more than 25 years of friendship, we do still write letters and sending cards. Just love the old ways … Missing that time …. 🙂

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