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New Adventures In Same Hiroshima 

One of the great things about being stationed at MCAS Iwakuni is that new people are always arriving. One of the new neighbors in our building is Domenik and her husband, Larry. Last week Domenik and I decided that we needed more Lush in our life. If you don’t know what Lush is, I apologize. Please go to Lush and order a bath bomb ASAP. They are amazing.

Luckily being stationed in Iwakuni there is a Lush store in Hiroshima (about an hour’s driving time). Being the basic white girls that Domenik and I are we also decided to hit up Starbucks since it was just around the corner from Lush. I had my heart set on a Cool Lime Refresher but I found out that they no longer carry it. So I tried their peach frappe drink thingy.

I really wish I hadn’t. As I mentioned in my previous post I have thing about jello textures. I only like jello when I’m choosing to eat jello. I don’t like to have it mixed in my drinks or hidden in my food. This drink was half jello. The small part of frappe that was on top of the jello was delicious but it was a tiny amount.

After Starbucks we went around the corner to Lush. They had changed their store from the last time I had been there. It was now two levels and offered much more than before. Domenik and I made a bee line up stairs to where they kept the bath bombs. Upstairs we met Megumi. She was an employee who helped up figure out what was. She treated us wearing a face wash in the shape of a Santa beard. 

We explored all the different types of bath bombs. They had a mixture of Halloween, Christmas, andnormal bath bombs.  It was fun sniffing them and trying to figure out was we wanted to buy. Megumi offered a demonstration of one the Halloween ones and a Santa bubble bath bomb.




The picture where Domenik is sniffing one of the bath bombs was an interesting bath bomb. It smelled like an odd combination of circus peanuts and old school My Little Pony plastic. It actually smelled really good despite our odd description.

After we picked out a few bath bombs each (I grabbed some for Jeremy) we went down stairs to see what else Lush had to offer. Megumi followed us down to help explain. Downstairs was different soaps, body washes, hair care, teeth care, skin care and perfumes.

One of the employees showed me how some of the glitter pills shaped items in a couple of bottles was meant for use on your teeth. Megumi showed Domenik a snow man that was face wash, shampoo and body wash in one. It was really slippery and Domenik kept accidentally splashing herself and Megumi by dropping it into the bowl of water. I found a great dry shampoo that I want to go back and get after I get paid again.

I plan on going back probably after I get back from the states to go get some of their Christmas scented stuff. I love Lush. It’s expensive but honestly worth it. Their bath bombs are fun and make my skin so soft. Even Jeremy loves them. He has already used one of the three that I bought him.

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