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Not A Kitten Not Quite A Cat

Katniss doesn’t have the normal cat life. She is very spoiled (but well mannered) with her own tent, section of the living room, and too many treats. Since she was separated from her mom and her litter mates at such an early age, Jeremy and I wanted to make sure she was socialized early on. That’s one of the reasons we take her out with us so often so she gets use to meeting new people and new environments. We also came up with the idea of having kitty sleepovers. We posted on the selling pages back in October or November looking for other cats that would like to do the sleepovers with us. We met Maria and her kitten, Mizuki through this.


Mizuki actually came and spent Christmas with us while her family was out of town. She has stayed with us a couple of times for sleepovers. Katniss has gone over to Mizuki’s house a couple of times too. They are besties. The spend the time chasing each other and playing in their tents (Mizuki has a Dora the Explorer tent). They love each other. It’s really helped to tame some of their bad habits like biting and scratching with claws because they could see that they hurt when they did it.

This past week Katniss was scheduled to go over to Mizuki’s for sleepover. I noticed throughout the day that Katniss was a little grumpier than normal. She seemed prone to screaming angrily at me and sort off grumbling while kneading her blanket. I figured she was just upset that Jeremy had duty that and didn’t think much of it. When I dropped Katniss off at her sleepover, I mentioned the grumpiness to Maria in case Katniss started acting up.

Since I didn’t hear anything throughout the night or the next day, I figured Katniss had a good sleepover. Jeremy and I were surprised by Katniss’ reaction when arrived that evening. She was just angry. She was FURIOUS. Howling, hissing, attacking us. If we held her she tried to scratch our faces or bite our arms. She has NEVER acted like this before. Even when being bathed (which all cats hate) she never acted like this. I didn’t know what to do. It was too late in the evening to take her to the vet. We took her home and tried to give her space. She calmed down some but if we tried to pet her she would scream and try to scratch or bite us. We were worried.

The next morning she seemed even calmer but still wouldn’t let me get near her. I tried to put her in her carrier to take to the vet but she flipped out again. I decided to wait until Jeremy came home to take her to the vet. Maria texted me a couple of times during the day to check on Katniss. She was just as worried as we were. Katniss spent the day napping while we waited for Jeremy.

Thankfully Jeremy was able to come home early to take her to the vet. He was able to get her in the carrier without too much fuss. We took her to Dr. Fujishima (thank goodness he has evening hours). We had an awkward time trying to explain what was going on. He checked her out by examining her teeth, her stomach area, and any where else that is typical pain spot for cat.


After giving her a full check up he started googling something. This made me nervous. Then he said “estrus”. I didn’t know this term so I looked it up on my phone and asked if he meant she was going into heat. He said no and started googling again. Then he said “hormones” and started laughing.

“Hormones? You mean she is becoming a teenager?” I asked.

“Hai. Teenager.”

So my sweet little kitten was turning into a moody teenager. We all started laughing. Jeremy and I felt relieved that she wasn’t sick again or hurt. Thankfully we will only have a moody little girl for a few more weeks. Dr. Fujishima said that getting her fixed will help with the hormones. She is scheduled to be spayed on April 5th. Hopefully we can survive these mood swings until then. Pray for us please.


7 thoughts on “Not A Kitten Not Quite A Cat

  1. Your experience with Katniss may have just helped me give my sister-in-law some helpful information regarding her own little ball of fur, Kona.

      1. Both that and he was separated from other cats quite soon and has very bad biting habits. I worked in an animal shelter for six years, so I new some behavioral things that have helped, but never thought of kitty sleepovers. He’s getting fixed in a few weeks, too.

      2. Kitty sleepovers have been a huge help with the biting. They don’t realize how much it hurts until it happens to them. Please give Kona some tummy scratchies for me. ☺️

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