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Onward To Hiroshima!

One of the things Mom really wanted to see when she came to visit was the Atomic Bomb Dome in Hiroshima. The three of us (Mom, Jeremy, and I) got up early to go to Hiroshima. We decided to take the train up there instead of dealing with traffic. Before heading to the train station, we stopped by McDonald’s for breakfast. Sitting outside of McDonald’s was a car that Jeremy wanted to take home. It had the characters from The Last Airbender on it.

We decided to head to the Atomic Bomb Dome first since that’s what Mom really wanted to see. Yes I have been there a few times but it still is chilling to visit it. I can’t imagine what it was like that day when the bomb hit. We walked around the different monuments for much of the afternoon.

After walking around Peace Park we took Mom to Hondori Street. Mom enjoyed checking out all the different shops on Hondori Street. While we looked at shops, I was keeping my eye out for an umbrella. I really wanted a smaller one I could keep in my purse for when it was raining or really sunny out. I burn really easily out here for some reason. I found the perfect umbrella at a little shop. It was navy blue with tiny embroidered silver stars and crescent  moons around that frilly edge.We took her to one of the many arcades down there. We all had fun playing the different games. Jeremy, of course, had to play Dragon Ball Heroes. Unfortunately I forgot my umbrella at one of the games and it was gone by the time I went back. Oops.

After played a few games we headed back out onto Hondori Street to check out some of the shops. Mom and I found a gothic store in one of the malls. We tried to find something for my sister, Magan, but everything was insanely priced like the umbrellas were $90 and up. No thanks!


At my favorite pet store I found my dream kitten- a Scottish fold munchkin kitten. It was so cute. One of the workers let me play with it. If I had $9,000 I would have bought it. It’s crazy to think that such a kitty was twice as expensive as both of cars (the one we have in storage in the states and the one we have in Japan) combined. One day I will have my dream kitten just not today. But I do have three beautiful cats already (we will get Joffery back from my mom when we get back to the states).


While walking around Hondori Street, Mom and Jeremy were attacked by a vicious man eating raptor!

For dinner we popped into an underground restaurant that was advertising coffee. It looked like a normal place from the outside but we surprised when we actually sat down and started looking around. This restaurant specializes in pancakes and coffee. The coffee is made in upside down light bulb looking things and heated by bright lights! It was really cool to watch it being made. We all got pancakes but I wanted a milkshake instead of coffee.


We all enjoyed Hiroshima and I love showing Mom around our host nation. I’m really glad Mom came out to visit us.

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