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Our Paper Anniversary

If you have followed my blog from the beginning you know that Jeremy and I have two wedding dates. We have the big one in March that we consider our real wedding day because that was when our friends and family were all with us. We also have the paper wedding we did a month prior to that one to make sure I was in the system in time to go to Japan.


This past Saturday was our paper anniversary. To celebrate Jeremy and I decide to get out of Iwakuni and head to Hiroshima. We didn’t mind that it was raining since we knew Hondori Street would be covered. Like last time we took the train to Hiroshima.

Since it was Pokemon Day we decided to go back to the Pokemon Center via the street cars. We were a little worried about finding it because our GPS navigator was acting up. Surprisingly though while the street car was heading towards Hondori Street I recognized the mall the Pokemon Center is in. Even stranger I remembered how to go through all the open shops to get to it.

This probably wouldn’t be weird to other people but I know I am in the middle of a Hashimoto Flare. I’ve been experiencing it for a few days now. I have been having a lot of brain fog, zero energy, my body aches, constant headaches, and my legs and feet have been swelling. I have been trying to take care of myself by eating better and drinking lots of water. Jeremy knew something was up but didn’t realize how bad it was until I was doing my make up that morning. I have two foundations. One is for when I am feeling well and the other is during flare ups when I’m pale. You can tell a difference between my photos of me from today and two weeks ago at the Mara Kannon Shrine.


At the Pokemon center, Jeremy found some new versions that had been released. We also picked up another stuff animal for Katniss. It was a Raichu this time. It has a little crooked tail like her. When were leaving the mall, I surprised Jeremy and myself by navigating the mall again to find the right exit and then finding the right route to Hondori street 4 blocks away all from memory. Back in the states I wasn’t this good at visiting some place once and remembering all the directions.

We wondered in and out of a few stores on Hondori Street but we weren’t having much luck finding anything really cool. That was until we went into another mall that I found two girls dressed up in what I think are called Lolita dresses. They were really pretty. They seemed really surprised when I asked to take their picture but thankfully they said yes. They looked like living dolls.


We decided at that point to start looking for some place to have dinner. While walking around we found an Italian themed restaurant. Jeremy really wanted to go because they had squid ink pasta. He has been wanting to try squid ink for ages now. The place was surprisingly cheap. We had a three course meal with half  a bottle of wine for less than ¥2,500 ($22) for both of us. We could have never eaten this cheaply in the states for an anniversary.

We had buffalo mozzarella and tomato slices for an appetizer. I was too hungry to remember to take a picture. I got a mushroom and veggie salsa pizza as my entree. I soon realized veggie salsa is onion and garlic diced together. It was delicious and I was greatful for the strong odor of onion and garlic because Jeremy ordered the squid ink pasta he wanted. It looked like something rotting and smelled worse than Katniss’ litter box. It smelled so bad my eyes were watering. To make it worse the ink stained his mouth jet black while he ate so he looked like all his teeth were rotting out. A very romantic food choice. Dessert was tiramisu ice cream cake and coffee flan. Again we were too hungry to eat to remember to take a picture when it came out. I’m sorry but this is why I am not a food blogger.


After dinner we headed back to the train station via the street car. I love riding the street car at night. Hiroshima reminds me of Chicago with the way it is lit up at night.


All in all it was a great first anniversary. I love having two anniversaries to celebrate. We all need more reasons to be joyful.

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