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Our Queens Of Spays

A couple of weeks ago y’all got to read about Katniss growing up. We finally made it through the hormones and got Miss Katniss to her vet appointment to be spayed. The day of her appointment she was very calm. She happily got in her carrier and didn’t make a peep until we got to Dr. Fujishima’s office. Dr. Fujishima brought us back right away. He gave her a quick check up and told me to pick her up after 4pm. When I started to walk away she started screaming at me. It was breaking my heart to leave but I knew it was the best thing for her.

I went out to lunch with some friends and ran some errands while Katniss had her surgery. I picked up Jeremy before heading back to the vet’s office. Dr. Fujishima called Jeremy to the check up room while I settled the bill. As I walked into the check up room I half way heard Dr. Fujishima ask if I wanted to see something. Assuming it was Katniss he was talking about I said “yes, of course”. I was confused when he picked up a small tray with gauze folded in it. He unwrapped the gauze and I was surprised to see organs laying there!! It was all of her reproductive organs! Just laid out like a textbook picture. I was speechless. I have had pets spayed and neutered before and I have NEVER seen what was taken out.

Katniss' Girl Parts
So proof that the surgery happened is normal in Japan…

After that surprise I just wanted to get my little Kitten home. She was still high on pain medicine so she didn’t do much except sleep. Dr. Fujishima said that I was suppose to bring her back in the morning for a follow up and more shots. I was told to not let her lick herself. Unfortunately she did lick off her little band-aid during the night while we slept.

Kitty Band-aid
Katniss’ little band-aid on her tum-tum.

Her check up the next morning went fine except she was prescribed an Elizabethan collar since she licked her stitches. Katniss hates her cone of shame. As soon as we got home she had a fit trying to get it off. She wasn’t happy when I started taking pictures or calling her lampshade.

Who wore it better?
Who wore it better? Katniss VS The Desk Lamp

Over the next few days she became use to her cone. She figured out how to play with her toys like normal and cuddle. It doesn’t get in her way for the most part now.

Once the hormones left her system she became the sweet, playful kitten we loved and missed. She loves playing now both with us and her toys. No more howling and screaming. It has been peaceful. She seems more open for adventures. When we tried to go out this weekend she would either block the door or run down the hallway. At least she looks adorable in her cone while she does it.

We have a few days with the cone and then her stitches come out. I know we wanted to wait until she was a year old to get fixed but I am so happy we got her fixed now. She seems so much happier now. She isn’t going into heat every ten days. Sanity has been restored in our household.

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  1. Well, that’s not something you see everyday! I’m glad your baby is doing great now.💕 I am really enjoying your adventures!

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