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Our Trivial Pursuit

Last week I introduce Jeremy to the world of bar trivia. Back when I was living in Chapel Hill, my friend, Matt, and I use to play trivia 3 or 4 times a week. We were good at it. We had to be. We were counting on using the winnings to pay for food. I eventually started working for one of the companies.

Back when I worked at 4 Corners in Chapel Hill

Jeremy has never played trivia so I finally dragged him out to a game last week. There was a bar two blocks from the house. Turns out it was being run by my old company. We had a lot of fun and ended up in 3rd place.

Last Thursday we went to a different bar in Snead’s Ferry because the host told us about a new game out there. That game was hopeless. The host had no idea what he was doing. I had to help him hook up his equipment, show him how to run his software, and how to make a playlist for the songs being played. Jeremy and I left half way through the game because people were being obvious about cheating on their phones (one girl actually announced it in the middle of the restaurant) and going from table to table asking to see people’s answers before turning them in. I take my trivia seriously and chewed the host out for allowing it.

Last night we went to Carolina Ale house to play Team Trivia. Personally I prefer Team Trivia over DJ Trivia because either you know the answer or you don’t, there is no multiple choice options. We ended up in 5th place but we had a lot of fun.

Tonight we went back to the first bar for their trivia night. The host never showed. The bar manager kept trying to call him but never got an answer. The bar manager felt so bad that we came out and had waited an hour and half for trivia so she gave us some free stuff. I wasn’t mad at her but I was peeved at the DJ trivia company. The guy that I had to help set up last week turned out to be the district manager for the area. He had been running it for months but he is doing a shoddy job of it. If we weren’t leaving I would take over and run it properly. Should’ve, would’ve, could’ve.

Bar swag! Yay!

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