Investigation: Whaley House

In my previous post I wrote about fun investigations. Jeremy recently went on one while he was in San Diego for recruiting school. Sadly, I wasn’t there to go with him. This is definitely on my list of places I want to investigate bucket list. The Whaley House is someplace my dad and I talked about going to visit sometime. The history of the house intrigued my dad. Hopefully, I will get a chance to visit the Whaley House soon.

Now Back To Our Regularly Scheduled Content!

We are still setting up our house. We finally got a few more pieces of furniture for the house but it’s still 85% empty. A few more weeks and our main shipment should be here. We received our express shipment (which is half of kitchen stuff) last week. I have no idea where we are going to put everything. We have a lot less kitchen storage areas as we did in Iwakuni. We will make it work somehow though. We always do.

Settling In To Our New Home

Greetings from Illinois! We are officially living in our house. Well, trying to. LOL So far, we only have a bed for furniture. It will be a long six weeks waiting for our stuff to come in. I can’t wait to make this place a home. We spent the first week here at a hotel. It was nice, and I miss the breakfast options.

Why I Can’t Stand Most Paranormal Shows

While Jeremy was gone, I ended up binge watching a few of those paranormal shows. I regretted it but couldn’t stop watching it. They were so horribly bad that it was almost comical. Comical until I realized there are people out there that watch this stuff and try to imitate it which just causes problems for everyone. I’ve seen where people have angered spirits because they didn’t know what they were doing. I’ve seen people get hurt because they had no idea what they were doing and were hunting in abandoned places they didn’t have permission to be in.

Why We Choose To Live With Spirits (And How)

One question Jeremy and I receive the most often is “Why do you choose to live with ghosts?”. I know that seems odd especially considering how all the shows seem to show ghosts and spirits either terrifying the residents or being a nuisance to the residents or the people working in the business. Our spirits are our friends. They comfort us when we need it. They let us know we aren’t alone. They are a friend to talk to when we need someone to talk to. They also make us smile and laugh. Who wouldn’t want to have that in their lives?

Scaring Up A Cup Of Joe In Hiroshima

While Jeremy is finishing up at recruiting school, I’ve been trying squeeze in as much of Japan as possible. Today, to help inspire my writing, I visited a bar/ café that I had heard of briefly in an article. It is called Bateren Horror Kissaten and it’s located on the far side of Hiroshima. I knew it would be creepy because of the name but I definitely surprised at how creepy this place would end up being. 

Investigation: Marine Corps Recruiting School

While Jeremy was in recruiting school, he let it be known that he was a paranormal investigator. Of course, that immediately lead everyone to start asking questions and telling him places to investigate. Surprisingly, most people started telling him about how the school house itself was haunted. Jeremy had to wait until he had duty to try to hold an investigation. Unfortunately, he did not have any of our equipment with him. These are his notes on the investigation (he prefers doing his notes in this style like they have him do at his work) and his pictures he took with his cell phone.

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