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Picture Perfect

A couple of weekends ago, we had family photos done for our first anniversary. I was really excited to have them done because the photographer we booked was one of the best in the area. I love the photos that Ashley Wills takes. The whole process from start to finish with her was great. She walked us through what package would be best for our budget and what outfits would look best together.

The day of the pictures the weather was perfect- slightly overcast but warm. Jeremy were an outfit that my parents had given him as a trousseau present after the wedding. He thought it would be a nice gesture to wear them to show how much he appreciated them. I wore an outfit my mom had recent bought for me. Katniss decided she wanted to wear one of my pearl bracelets. We all looked fashionable and cute.

The pictures were taken by the Kintai Bridge because there were still plum blossoms flowering. We hung out for a bit before our session started to get Katniss used to the area. Once again the locals loved her and would come up to pet her. Katniss loved the attention. I took some photos of us while we waited.

It took about an hour for Ashley to take our photos. We were nervous about Katniss but she actually did really great. She didn’t run away even when she wasn’t being held or on her leash. The Nationals watched her and would call “neko neko” to her. Neko is Japanese for cat. During the photo shoot I surprised Jeremy with Pokemon props. He didn’t know I wanted to do Pokemon themed anniversary pictures for part of it.

It was a LONG three days before Ashley messaged me saying that our photos were ready. Our package was suppose to come with 8 digital images but she made a flash drive with 33 edited images. I was blown away with the images she sent. I’m not going to all them but I will post my favorites pictures.


I love this photo above all the others. She caught all of our personalities. I can’t wait to order this in a canvas.


I love this photo of Katniss. She is a natural in front of the camera. Is kitty modeling a thing? I think I need to sign her up.


We got this one done to go with the one we took at our wedding.

Ashley got some great pictures of us by ourselves.

All in all the session was a lot of fun. I really want to do another one before Ashley moves next year. These are photos we will treasure for a long time to come. If you’re in Iwakuni and want photos with her, please let me know. I have a discount card to give you for either money off your prints or off your session. Also check out Ashley’s website.

PS- I finally checked off something on my 101 in 1001 goals’ list!!!! Hopefully I’ll be able to check off more soon.

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