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Playing Russian Roulette With Food

This post is not a catch post. I’m taking a quick break from the catch posts to post this because I am so frustrated with this situation.

As you know I have Hashimoto’s. I hate it. Especially hate it right now. Usually when my medicine is adjusted I have a period of time where things don’t taste right. Well, that is not exactly true. Stuff I love begins to taste like dirt, metal or mold. It isn’t everything and I never know what will taste differently or for how long it will taste differently until it is in my mouth.

It isn’t always bad. When they first diagnosed me I suddenly started craving avocados and pistachios. I had never EVER liked these. I also started liking Brussels Spouts. Jeremy was happy with that change because for the first year of dating I refused to eat them.

This time though things have been a little different. Just before Jeremy went up to Yokosuka, he kept suggesting fish stuff for dinner. The thought of fish made me feel nauseous but that isn’t abnormal. I have periods of time where fish does that to me. I wasn’t worried just figured it was just an anti fish weekend. That same weekend we went grocery shopping so I would have food in the apartment to eat. We bought boneless chicken breast,hot dogs, and pork chops. I had ground turkey already in the freezer so I figured that would be enough for the two weeks that he would be gone. Ever since he left  though, the thought of messing with raw meat has made me extremely nauseous. So I haven’t eaten it. Instead I have been eating lots of fresh fruit (oranges and apples), avocados, eggs, and toast.

I didn’t realize that I hadn’t had meat in over week (except for a couple of days ago when I went out to dinner with Charrleen). I only started thinking about it when I was trying to figure out what to make for dinner. Everything is frozen so I have to plan ahead for dinner. It was making me nauseous so I decide to think about it later. I fixed myself breakfast. I had toast of some kind every single day since Jeremy left. I decided to make Peanut Butter Crunch cereal instead. Two bites in and I had to toss it. It tasted like mold. I checked the box and cereal but it was still in date. In fact I just opened the box this morning. I just figured it was a fluke

This evening Charrleen and I went to Hotto Motto to get dinner. I ordered a dish that had katsu, cabbage salad, and white rice. I also picked up a flan cup and a box of coffee. I have had all of these before and knew I would like them. I get home and start to eat. The katsu tasted vaguely of mold. I only ate about half of it. The cabbage salad was delicious. I have soy sauce here at the house and put some on the white rice because I normally can’t stand plain rice. I wish I hadn’t. The plain rice was delish (the few parts that didn’t have soy sauce mixed into it). The parts that had soy sauce tasted so strongly of mold that I wanted to vomit. It was awful! I couldn’t take more than two bites. Two because I didn’t believe it tasted that bad the first time. Ugh!! It was bad. Really bad. I checked the date on the soy sauce bottle. It is good until January 2018. So all I had to eat for dinner was half a katsu and cabbage salad. I figured might as well eat the flan and drink my coffee. The flan was just as yummy as usual. The coffee had the aftertaste of mold. The date on the coffee says it is good until April 7th, 2016.

By this point I have realized that all these changes means that my levels have to off. I haven’t adjusted my medicines since May/ June. I am hoping this is just temporary because until then eating will be a disgusting game of Russian Roulette. I’m hoping that the worst case scenario is that I just become a vegetarian for a little bit and then everything goes back to normal. Until then I dread eating.

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  1. Hi Kelly, I met one other person with this disorder a few years ago and you were the first to explain it to me. She kept it under wraps. I wish she was more open about it as you are. I have a chronic disorder as well (Myasthenia Gravis) and I totally understand the changes one’s body goes through. I have enjoyed your blog highlighting and educating people on this! I nominated you for the Lovely Blog Award you do not have to respond but it’s more so that my newbies have some new blogs to check out. If you want to respond check out my site.

    1. Thank you. I try to be open about this disorder because I don’t want to be judge for things outside my control. I would love to know about Myasthenia Gravis. I’ll be honest, I’ve never heard of it. If you would like to talk more about it, please feel free to email me at

      Thank you for nominating me for the Lovely Blog Award!!! I really truly appreciate it!!! I will be responding in shortly to it. This just made my day!!

      1. LOL you are most welcome for the award. Most people have never heard about MG it’s a neuromuscular and autoimmune disorder. It’s a strange communication problem that lies within the neuromuscular junction between the neurons and the muscles…the signal just does not get from one end to the other but there actually is no damage but the nerves (neurons) are told there is over-stimulation and therefore fatigue and completely fail at times without my medication or treatment.

      2. Me too. I have been looking into all these neuromuscular and autoimmune disorders and how they are similarly linked for the past 2+ years since I was diagnosed.

  2. Hi Kelly. I have just spent an hour reading back over your blog – a good job it isn’t longer! It is really interesting reading how you are settling into living in a completely different culture. When we moved to France it wasn’t so different to the UK. I am definitely bookmarking your blog! I love the pictures of Katniss! When I rescued Bib she was only about 6 weeks old, but your tiny Katniss can’t have been older than about a week! I love how you found the meeows on the recording helped her. I look forward to reading more about your life in Japan.

    1. Wow! Thank you so much!!! You have no idea how much I appreciate that you took the time to read my blog! I have been reading yours but it will take me a bit to read it all. You have been blogging for a much longer time than me but yours is my currently guilty pleasure in the morning while I drink my coffee. I so envious of your talent making cards. They are absolutely gorgeous. I can’t wait to read more of your blog tomorrow morning!!

  3. I’m so sorry you have to go through this! It’s a shame autoimmune disorders are starting to become more common as time goes on. I wonder if the increase has any link certain foods, water, or environmental factors on the body and any bearing on the condition of the body i.e more susceptible if healthy weight vs. overweight vs. obese individuals. Didn’t hear about it much even a decade ago. Mind boggling to say the least!

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