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Preparing For Thanksgiving

Yep, another blog post meant for November.

For Thanksgiving, Jeremy and I had invited all my students, their families, and some of our friends to come over the Saturday after Thanksgiving to celebrate together. To prepare for it, I had my students make place cards out of pine cones. The pine cones were hot glued to a piece of a cardboard. The students then used glitter, glue, googly eyes, and sequins. For tonight’s class we had two high school students joining us to learn English too. Everyone had fun making their place cards.


During this class, I asked Junko why the Japanese always did the peace sign in photos. It was something my dad wanted me to ask about. She explained that when Japanese take photos, they don’t like to show their teeth. So instead of saying cheese, which shows their teeth, they say peace. When I got off work I realized it was really early in the morning where my dad lived, so I decided to wait until morning to call him and tell him the answer. I regret this decision everyday. I should have called. A few hours after class my mom called and said that my dad was dying. I never got a chance to talk to him.

Never put off calling love ones. You never know when you may not get another chance.

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