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Quiet New Year’s With A Twist

For New Years Jeremy and I decided that we would stay in and celebrate with the cats. It had been a busy holiday for us and we wanted some down time to ourselves. For dinner Jeremy made a seafood feast of fish, shrimp, and crab. It was really delicious. I love how we have such a variety of fresh seafood out here. Jeremy has been using the opportunity to learn how to break down a fish properly. We watch shows like “Worst Cooks In America” or “Hell’s Kitchen” and he has actually learned quite a bit from the shows. I’m so proud of how far his cooking skills have come.

When it came close to midnight we turned off the Roku and tried to find a countdown on one of the Japanese channels. While flipping through the channels we stumbled across a weird tv show. Ladies and Gentlemen- welcome to Japanese tv… Its weird as ****. (Please excuse my poor video taping skills. I was flabbergasted at what I was watching.)

After sharing the videos in a group on Facebook someone explain the premise of the show. There are a group of “scientist” that have to come up with crazy stunts and then watch them together. If any of the scientist laugh during the stunt they are paddled. I really need to watch this show more often.

In the morning Jeremy wanted to try the Japanese tradition of greeting the sunrise from atop a mountain. He claims he tried to wake me for this but I don’t remember him attempting it. I woke up and he was already gone. Perhaps next year I will be able to wake up in time to go with him. He did make it to the top of the mountain where Iwakuni Castle is in time for the sunrise. He took some great photos of the sunrise.

For dinner we did our traditional New Year’s Day dinner of ham, greens, black eyed peas and corn bread for health, wealth and happiness in the new year. Please excuse the shredded pink packing peanuts in the background. Katniss loves shredding them and Santa Claus brought her million of them.


For New Years I made a few resolutions:

  1. Finish writing my book
  2. Read at least 10 books this year
  3. Give up meat and become a vegetarian
  4. Learn to meal plan
  5. Start pen paling again

I had mentioned last year  that I wanted to try writing a book. Over the past year I have been playing around with three different story lines. Now I am actually going to go for and actually write at least one of the stories down. My plan is to have the story written in its entirety by the end of this year so I can spend the time Jeremy is gone for recruiting school editing it and getting ready to be published. I am still trying to figure out if I want to go old school with it or self publish the book. I’ll figure that out after I write the book. I have told the story to some of friends and they all agree that it something I need to write about. I know from their reactions that they weren’t just being nice.

I realized that I haven’t read that much while we’ve been out here. I am going to make it more of priority. I put 10 books because I know with some of the trips we have planned, I may not be able to read as much as I want. 10 is doable I think. I am starting with Girl On The Train.

I know going vegetarian is going to be hard and its probably a knee jerk reaction to my cancer scare. While waiting for my results I read some articles claiming going vegetarian will cut my chances of getting cancer by 40%. I’m not sure if those are legit studies or not but I will try it. Meal planning goes with this resolution. Jeremy and I have been wanting to start doing this for ages. I am going to make it happen this year. We already have the containers ordered. This should help when I go vegetarian and while Jeremy goes to college.

I miss getting letters in the mail and I miss writing people. I have rejoined some of the old pen paling groups I use to do and signed back up for Soldiers’ Angels. Like reading, I am making this more of a priority.

What are some of your New Year’s resolutions?


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  1. I make monthly goal posts on my blog, so those have been a new adventure themselves! For me, I want to finish decorating/furnishing our house, get my CPC certification, finally finish and fully edit my 2012 NaNoWriMo endeavor, earn my Paralegal Studies degree, and start planning our family. It’s very exciting!

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